Adobe PhoneGap Build Cloud Service

Adobe PhoneGap Build is a cloud service which compiles your HTML, CSS and JavaScript files into an app ready for use. Supported platforms are Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, WebOS and Symbian. Here is a step-by-step guide to compiling an application with PhoneGap Build:

1. Create the App

The first step is to make your HTML, CSS and JavaScript code ready. Note, however, that the source files should be stored in a particular way, so it is best to create your app by modifying a template app. For this purpose, we recommend the PhoneGap Build Starter Application.

You can modify the starter app however you like. In this tutorial we will use the same app from the tutorial Create a Simple jQWidgets Mobile Application Using PhoneGap. After modification, make sure you compress your app in .zip format again.

2. Upload the App

After you have completed your registration on the PhoneGap Build website, we can proceed to uploading our app, jQWidgets-App.

Go to You will see the following upload form:

Upload your .zip file or, alternatively, select a GitHub repository containing the application.

3. Build the App

In the next screen you will be prompted whether to enable debugging and hydration in your application. Hydration allows the app to be automatically updated on the device upon the upload of a new build. It is available only for iOS and Android.

When you have enabled your desired options, click Ready to build.

4. Download the App

The app has now been built and is ready to be downloaded. Click on any of the platform icons to download the app for iOS, Android,Windows Phone, BlackBerry, WebOS or Symbian (note that building an app for iOS requires developer license key). Alternatively, you may scan the QR code to the right with your device and the app will be downloaded directly to it.

5. App Settings

To view and change the app's settings, click on its icon or name. This opens a detailed overview of the app:

Under the Settings tab you may upload a new source file for the app and enable/disable debugging and Hydration.

Note that each change of the code requires a rebuild of the application.