jQWIdgets eStore Mobile PhoneGap Application for BlackBerry 10

In this tutorial, you will learn how to port the jQWidgets eStore example to the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system using PhoneGap/Apache Cordova.

You may also be interested in the porting tutorials for Android, iOS or Windows Phone 8.

1. Getting Started

Before you proceed with reading this tutorial, please make sure you are familiar with the beginner's BlackBerry 10 tutorial, which deals with how to set up your system and mobile device in detail.

We will be using the Windows operating system to create our eStore mobile application.

2. Create a New Cordova Project

Open Command Prompt and create a new Cordova application, named eStore:

C:\>cordova create estore com.example.estore eStore

Enter the newly created project folder:

C:\>cd estore

and add the BlackBerry 10 platform to it:

C:\estore>cordova platform add blackberry10

3. Add the Application Source Code

The next step is to include the application's source code and other necessary files (including data sources and images) to the Cordova project. All these files should be put in the estore\www folder.

The files which have to be included are:

Here is the structure of the www folder with all files included:

4. Build and Run the Application

Build the project by typing:

C:\geoloc>cordova build

Add a target to your project (Step 7 from the beginner's tutorial).

Finally, run your application:

C:\geoloc\>cordova run blackberry10

If a debug token is not yet set up for the device, an error message prompts you to use the platform run script instead with the password you provided when registering for signing keys:

C:\geoloc\>platforms\blackberry10\cordova\run.bat --device --keystorepass storepass123 --devicepass devicepass123


The application is now successfully installed! You can download the whole project from here.