Axis properties and settings

jqxChart has two main types of axes - valueAxis and xAxis. Typically the valueAxis represents the vertical axis in the chart although you may choose to rotate
the axes and in this case the valueAxis will be displayed horizontally.

Please take a look at the following picture to learn more about the different elements of the axes:

The labels displayed along the valueAxis are derived from the values of the series displayed in the chart. The labels along the xAxis are derived from the values of the 'dataField' property in your data source. In case you don't specify a dataField property, the xAxis will show sequential numbers corresponding to each record in the data source.

Common axis properties

Both the valueAxis and the xAxis have a set of common properties and settings. Most of the properties are optional and if you don't change them jqxChart will use default settings.

Here is a list of the common properties that you may change:

xAxis specific properties

There are several properties which are applicable only to the xAxis:

valueAxis specific properties

Similarly several properties are applicable only to the valueAxis: