Getting Started


jqxScrollView represents a widget which can be used for viewing content which is wider than the visible area outlined by the device's screen. Specific item can be chosen using drag movements or clicking/tapping on the buttons at the bottom of the jqxScrollView.

The first step is to create html page and add links to the javascript files and CSS dependencies to your project. The jqxScrollView plugin requires the following files:

The next step is to create a UL element within the body of the html document.
The last step is to select the UL element and to build the widget by calling the jqxListMenu constructor.

To set a property (option), you need to pass the property name and value(s) in the jqxScrollView's constructor.
    $("#element").jqxScrollView({ currentPage: 1 });
To get a property(option), you need to pass the property name to the jqxScrollView's constructor.
    var currentPage = $("#element").jqxScrollView('currentPage');

Basic ScrollView Sample

The result of the above code is: