ASP .NET Blazor

What is Blazor?

Blazor is the new hot thing for .NET WEB Development. With Blazor, you can build modern server-side applications using C#. Client and Server code with Blazor is written in C#.

Blazor is a new feature of ASP.NET. With it, the C# code can call JavaScript APIs and libraries. You can continue to use the large ecosystem of JavaScript libraries that exist for client side UI while writing your logic in C#. Blazor is also free. It comes as part of the open-source .NET platform that has a strong community.

Can we use Blazor with jQWidgets?

Yes, you can. jQWidgets is a Javascript framework and as such it can be easily used with Blazor i.e you can write code in C# and the code will call jQWidgets components API.

Blazor and Server-Side

When using server-side code execution, Blazor takes care of executing any JavaScript code on the client.

How to use jQWidgets with Blazor?

WYou can learn how: Using jQWidgets with ASP .NET Blazor.

The Blazor tutorial is about adding and using jQWidgets components in a Blazor web application. The output of the tutorial will be a great looking jqxGrid component in a Blazor Web Application:


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