jQWidgets ver8.3.2

jQWidgets v8.3.2 Release, October-17-2019

jqxGrid Dark Mode

What’s New:

– Angular Ivy support.

What’s Fixed:

– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid Grouping regarding to its rendering when built with Angular Ivy.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid Angular Component about Grouping error thrown by setbatchgroupstate function.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about Filtering Dates, when the date format is custom.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about Filtering with custom source.filter callback function.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about autoheight rendering overlap.
– Fixed an issse in jqxGrid about adding new row. The boundindex of the row was not set so editing it was not possible.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about an error when using showfilterrow, groupable and autoloadstate.
– Fixed an issue in jqx.black.css about an outdated CSS syntax.
– Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler about rendering of appointments in TimelineView.
– Fixed an issue in jqxDataTable and jqxTreeGrid about dynamically changing the columnGroups.
– Fixed an issue in jqxTreeGrid about dynamically setting the theme property.
– Fixed an issue in jqxTabs about the enabled “showCloseButtons” option with “reorder” option.

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