What technology is jQWidgets built on?

jQWidgets is a 100% pure javascript library framework for building modern responsive web sites and mobile web applications that work on any device. All widgets in the suite are built from scratch based on our own core framework. The suite does not have any dependencies on the jQuery or jQuery UI.

Can I use jQWidgets with Angular, Vue, React or Bootstrap?

Absolutely! jQWidgets integrates well with Angular, Vue, React and Bootstrap. You can find multiple integration examples, documentation topics and we also offer a forum section dedicated to Angular and jQWidgets. It’s a top priority for our team to ensure that jQWidgets interops well with popular javascript frameworks like Angular, Vue, React and Bootstrap. We follow their development and releases very closely and introduce updates to jQWidgets if necessary.

How is jQWidgets licensed?

The jQWidgets SDK is dual licensed and you may choose between commercial and non-commercial license.

Non-commercial license
If you want to build high quality responsive websites for personal or non-profit use, you can use jQWidgets for free under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 License. It is costly to build professional developer tools. We will appreciate if you can help us make jQWidgets popular. If you like it, tell your friends or link to our web site. The non-commercial license is suitable in these cases:

  • – if you’re building personal websites that do not generate revenue (including revenue from advertising).
  • – if you are a registered non-profit organization, public school and charity.
  • – if you are testing if jQWidgets will be a good fit for your project before committing to commercial license.
Commercial License
The commercial license is suitable for commercial or governmental websites and projects or a corporate intranet. Each license includes product updates for one year from the date of purchase and royalty free distribution. License renewal is optional and costs 50% of the price of a new license. To purchase a commercial license, please visit our License page.

What is a commercial website?

A commercial website is any website that generates revenue or cash flow of any type, and is not owned by a registered non-profit organization. If you’re selling a product, selling advertisements, providing a service or just marketing a commercial business, your site is commercial. A company website is also commercial even if it doesn’t sell anything, as its purpose is to front a for-profit company.

How do you define a developer?

Each person who directly or indirectly develops an application, website or other product that uses jQWidgets is considered a developer.

How many websites or projects can I build with a jQWidgets Developer or Enterprise License?

You can use the Developer or Enterprise license to build as many websites and projects as you need. The licenses are perpetual and include royalty-free distribution.

Do I have to pay you royalties if I use your product?

No. jQWidgets does not charge royalties or SaaS fees.

I’m developing a product that I provide for free. However, I do charge for supporting this product. Can I use the non-commercial license for developing this product?

No. Even though the product you develop is free, it is part of a commercial offering because you charge for support.

Do I need separate licenses for production and build machines?

No. The licensing is not per-machine and therefore you don’t need additional licenses for production servers, test and build machines. The product is licensed per-developer seat.

Do you offer competitive upgrades?

Yes, we do. Please contact our sales team at sales@jqwidgets.com for more information.

What is considered a support incident?

Any support request sent to support@jqwidgets.com is considered to be a support incident. One support request may cost more than one support incident if multiple questions are asked for unrelated issues.