React Vertical Menu

In this blog we are going to show you our React Vertical Menu.

The menu is one of the components used in almost all applications. Its function is to enable the user to choose an item from a set of items. Most menus are usually hierarchical but they can also be simple. The React Vertical menu is a hierarchical menu which open vertically. This can be helpful when the menu consists of many items or if the items have long sub menus. To enable the vertical menu you have to configure the mode property to vertical.

React Vertical Menu features

One of the interesting features is animation. By enabling animation you can see a sliding effect while the menu is opening.

Another interesting feature is hover. The hover effect changes the background of the elements of the sub menu when the mouse is over them.

A very useful feature is the support of images. The React Vertical Menu supports images on the left of the item text.

React Vertical Menu

Also very useful is the support of colors and themes. The background and text colors can be changes. You can also use all available themes.

In addition the React Vertical Menu can be loaded from JSON, XML or an Array and supports keyboard navigation and right to left layout.

You can see an example here.

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