Angular MultiSelect ComboBox

In this blog we will introduce our Angular MultiSelect ComboBox.

The combobox represents a drop down list of selectable elements with an input text field above the list where the user can enter text. The user can also select an element of the list which will then appear in the text field.

With the MultiSelect Combobox the user can select multiple items from the drop down list which will appear in the text field.

Angular MultiSelect ComboBox features

One of the features of the MultiSelect Combobx is bindng to XML and JSON.

Angular MultiSelect Combobox

Checkboxes on the right enable the user to delete any of the selected elements.

The Multi Select ComboBox support also different color templates. The text and backroad colors can be changed easily.

The alignment of the drop down list can be horizontal or vertical. The horizontal alignment can be left or right and the vertical top or bottom.

The MultiSelect Combobox for Angular supports also keyboard navigation and right to left layout.

You can see an example here.

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  1. Hello123 says:

    how to disable combobox item Argentina when Germany is selected in combobox.and vice versa please help me its argent for me

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