React DataTable Sorting

In this blog we will discuss the sorting feature of our DataTable for React.

React DataTable basic sorting

Data sorting is one of the must have features of all advanced DataTable components and is probably the most frequently used. Our DataTable enables alphabetical, numeric and datetime sorting as well as complex sorting with compare functions.

The Alphabetical sorting when implemented on strings can be ascending (A to Z) or descending (Z to A). The position of a small triangle next to the column name shows the direction of the sort. The appearance of the triangle can be changed with CSS.

The ascending and descending sorting is available also for numeric, float, dates and times.

React DataTable Sorting

React DataTable advanced sorting

The custom sorting capability of our DataTable component will allow you to create special sort and compare functions. In this way sorting different than the alphabetical can be done. You can also apply the custom sorting and your own logic with numbers, dates and times.

And last but not least the sort background can be changed. This is useful if you want to make the sorted column more visible.

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