jqxGrid Multiple Cells Selection

In the latest version of jQWidgets, we enhanced the jqxGrid widget capabilities with a new cells selection feature. Let’s see how to enable this feature:

To enable the cell’s selection, you need to set the selection mode property to ‘singlecell’, ‘multiplecells’ or ‘multiplecellsextended’. The ‘singlecell’ selection mode allows you to select only one cell via a mouse click on a grid cell. The ‘multiplecells’ selection mode allows you to select multiple cells via a mouse click. Clicking an already selected cell will unselect it.
The ‘multiplecellsextended’ mode is the most advanced cells selection mode. In this mode, you can select multiple cells via a drag and drop. The selection behavior resembles the selection of icons on your desktop.

The following code shows how to set the Grid’s selection mode:
$("#jqxgrid").jqxGrid({selectionmode: 'multiplecellsextended'});
In the image below, the user has clicked the “Ian” cell in the “First Name” column and dragged to the “9” cell in the “Quantity” column without releasing the left mouse button.


Here’s the result after releasing the left mouse button:


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