jQWidgets 3.9.1

What’s New:

– jqxScheduler Agenda View.
– jqxScheduler ICalendar import/export.
– jqxScheduler Export to Excel, PDF, JSON, XML, HTML, CSV, TSV.
– jqxScheduler Appointments Exact Time rendering.
– jqxScheduler Week Numbers display in Month View.
– jqxDockingLayout method for dynamically adding floatGroups.

What’s Improved:

– jqxGrid expand/collapse state maintenance when the Grid is grouped or row details are enabled.

What’s Fixed:

– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid about best fit columns resizing when columns reorder is turned on.
– Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler about legends bar rendering.
– Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler which occurred when user tries to select multiple cells in the all days area.
– Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler RTL Navigation through the toolbar.
– Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler Resources binding through jqxDataAdapter.
– Fixed an issue in jqxCalendar and jqxDateTimeInput firstDayOfWeek property issue.
– Fixed an issue in jqxFileUpload which occured when uploadFile was called, but no files had been selected for upload.
– Fixed an issue in jqxDockingLayout regarding initContent not being called for floatGroups.
– Fixed an issue in jqxDockingLayout drop indicators show/hide issue related to mobile devices.

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