Grid Multi Column Sorting

Grid Multi Column Sorting is a feature coming up with the next release of jQWidgets. You will be able to turn this feature on by setting a new property called: sortMode to "many". This feature will be available not only in our Javascript Grid, but will be part of the Angular Grid component, React Grid, VueJS Grid, Grid Custom Element and the Grid Tag Helper.

Additional new Grid features are also in active development. We will keep you updated.

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4 Responses to Grid Multi Column Sorting

  1. RobertoK says:

    Any news on that?
    When will it be available?


  2. dhannaford says:

    I can see that multi column sorting is not available for Angular as there is no ‘sortMode’ property, do/when are you planning on implementing this? Currently my organisation is vetting Angular frameworks and this is a deal breaker!

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