Google Chrome 32 and Old jQWidgets Versions

Google recently released an update of the Chrome web browser which unfortunately broke the touch-device detection in the old versions of jQWidgets. The good news are that we have already resolved that issue in jQWidgets ver. 3.1 and 3.2. To make it easier for you, we ported the bug fix and prepared builds for all jQWidgets versions that had that bug and which were released through the last year.

Download links:, Release Date: Dec-27-2012, Release Date: Jan-18-2013, Release Date: Feb-08-2013, Release Date: Mar-22-2013, Release Date: Apr-12-2013, Release Date: Apr-27-2013, Release Date: Apr-29-2013, Release Date: June-24-2013, Release Date: June-28-2013, Release Date: July-04-2013, Release Date: July-11-2013, Release Date: August-16-2013, Release Date: August-19-2013, Release Date: August-26-2013, Release Date: October-01-2013, Release Date: November-01-2013

To apply the bug fix, you need to download the version which you use. Then open the jqwidgets folder from the archive and copy the jqxcore.js and jqx-all.js files and paste them into your project’s jqwidgets folder.

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