jqxButtonGroup coming with jQWidgets 2.3

The next version of jQWidgets will bring a brand new widget, called jqxButtonGroup. The jqxButtonGroup widget creates a set of buttons that can work as normal buttons, radio buttons or checkboxes. The HTML structure of the widget is quite simple. You need to create a DIV tag and add Button elements inside it.
<div id='jqxWidget'>
<button style="padding:4px 16px;" id="Left">
<button style="padding:4px 16px;" id="Center">
<button style="padding:4px 16px;" id="Right">
To create the widget from the above HTML structure, select the DIV tag with jQuery and call the jqxButtonGroup constructor function.
$("#jqxWidget").jqxButtonGroup({ theme: 'classic', mode: 'radio' });
Below is an image of the new widget with the ‘classic’ theme. jquery-button-group

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