Announcing jQWidgets 1.1

We are excited to announce the second public release of the jQWidgets suite.

What’s New

With the quality and performance needed to create modern web-based applications and with easy to use APIs, jQWidgets v1.1 marks the debut of the jqxTree, jqxTabs, jqxComboBox, jqxRating, jqxCheckBox and jqxRadioButton widgets and new features and functionality to all existing jQuery widgets in the toolkit. We have also introduced the ‘Summer’ Theme, a complete and consistent visual style that can be applied to all widgets to make your web applications look modern and stylish.

What’s Improved

This release continues our commitment to deliver better jQuery UI Widgets for PC, Touch and Mobile devices. All widgets in the toolkit with scrollable content will now benefit of inbuilt touch-scrolling behavior which will be automatically enabled, when the framework detects that the user uses a touch device. We have also improved the jqxListBox and jqxDropDownList UI Virtualization and as a result the scrolling through the list items is now faster. See our Online Demo.

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