jQWidgets ver. 1.2 is here

We are excited to announce the availability of jQWidgets ver. 1.2. With the introduction of jqxSlider and jqxWindow, we are ready to take your Web Applications to the next level.These new jQuery widgets present a consistent experience across all browsers and have rich API and event model. jqxSlider represents a flexible jQuery Slider that lets the user select from a range of values by moving a thumb along a track. Users will even be able to move the thumb on touch devices. jqxWindow displays html content in a modal or non-modal window. It can be used to direct a user’s attention to a particular activity in an application, such as entering data or viewing information. Consider using a jqxWindow when you want greater customization, you want to block the user interface outside the window, or when you want to retrieve a DialogResult and other data from the popup window. See the Release Notes for more details about the innovations we have prepared for you. View the Samples and Demos and Download the updated bits.

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