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We are happy to announce that jQWidgets became a Patreon Gold Sponsor of Vue.js, an open source, progressive JavaScript framework for web developers. It is one of the most famous frameworks used in modern web development and focuses on the view layer. The framework can be quickly integrated into small or large enterprise projects. Through our sponsorship, we show our appreciation and promote the development of the framework.

Why we like Vue.js?

jQWidgets chose Vue.js. because of its ease of use, data binding and framework features. Our team extended the platform with more than 60 Vue UI components, including a data grid, chart, scheduler, pivot grid, tree grid, docking layout and many other User Interface components.

Vue.js features

  • Data binding: The data binding feature helps manipulate or assign values to HTML attributes, change the style, assign classes with the help of binding directive called v-bind available with VueJS.

  • Event Handling: v-on is the attribute added to the DOM elements to listen to the events in the framework.

  • Templates: VueJS provides HTML-based templates that bind the DOM with the Vue instance data. The framework compiles the templates into virtual DOM Render functions. We can make use of the template of the render functions and to do so we have to replace the template with the render function. Our jQWidgets components can be customized with the template support.

  • Vue-CLI: VueJS can be installed at the command line using the vue-cli command line interface. It helps to build and compile the project easily using vue-cli. In order to learn how to use jQWidgets with the CLI, visit: https://www.jqwidgets.com/vue-components-documentation/documentation/vue-cli/vue-cli.htm and https://www.jqwidgets.com/vue-components-documentation/documentation/create-jqwidgets-vue-app/index.htm.

  • File Size: The file size is much lighter compared to other frameworks.

To learn more about Vue.js or contribute to the project, visit Vuejs.org. To view jQWidgets’s Vue.js controls, please visit https://www.jqwidgets.com/vue/

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