jQWidgets 1.3

Building professional web applications for PC and Mobile just got easier with the release of jQWidgets 1.3. This release marks the debut of the jqxSplitter plugin. jqxSplitter is a layout plugin which allows you to add many container panels to a web page, separated by splitter(s). It is very handy for creating user interfaces with complex layouts. The splitter makes it very easy for users to resize or collapse the panels to fit their personal needs. With the new version, you will be also able to display vertically-oriented sliders and the jqxDropDownList comes with a new auto-height option that automatically resizes the popup to fit the list items summary height. The full list of changes can be found here: Release History

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  1. Lukman says:

    The splitter is an excellent plugin. Does it have a full page functionality.

    Also what of Forms?

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