jQuery Splitter

jqxSplitter is a jQuery plug-in which will be come with jQWidgets 1.3 and allow you to create any UI look you want. This jQuery plugin will help you to develop professional and flexible web sites with dynamic and complex layouts. Using the splitter you will be able to horizontally or vertically layout multiple elements, resize them within automatic or specified limits and collapse or expand elements by clicking a collapsing trigger. We know that it is very important for a modern web site to work well on every device and we develop the jqxSplitter keeping in mind that it should be completely functional on touch-enabled devices. Some of the most important and planned features are: saving and loading of the layout, option to persist the layout after reloading the page, expand, collapse and resize of the split panels and completely configurable visual appeal and animation effects. jquery splitter jQWidgets 1.3 is expected in the second half of December. We always welcome your feedback and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please feel free to write to info@jqwidgets.com

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