jQuery Grid coming with jQWidgets 1.4

In the second half of January, we will release jQWidgets 1.4 which will include a jQuery Grid. The Grid plugin will come with multiple built-in features, themes and getting started samples and documentation. It will natively support data paging, which enables users to view a large data set in pages for faster loading and easier navigation. However, the Grid will also support scrolling and users will be able to have pinned columns visible at all times when scrolling horizontally. Another key feature which will come with the first Grid version is the Outlook-style grouping of data. Users will be able to drag a column header to a group panel. This group panel enables users to define the grouping order and hierarchy. Sorting of data will be available, too. When sorting is enabled, arrow indicators will appear on the column headers and this will allow users to select a sorting mode for each column. The Grid will support several binding modes – binding to xml, json and local data sources and it will also support virtual mode in which the data will be loaded on demand.
jquery grid

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