jQuery Docking Widget

In the upcoming release of jQWidgets we will introduce a new jQuery Docking Windows plug-in which we called jqxDocking. With the help of the jqxDocking you will be able to manage multiple windows and even the layout of your web page. Each window in the jqxDocking can be dragged around the Web page, docked into docking zones, removed from the docking, collapsed into a minimized state to hide its content, expanded to display its content or pinned in place. There will be also an option that will allow you to save your personalized docking layout as JSON string for later use and save it in a file, database or cookie. You can import the docking layout when you need it. We know how important these days is to have a web site which runs well on PC, Mobile and Touch Devices and that’s why we developed the jqxDocking widget keeping in mind that it should be completely functional on any devices. All actions which you will be able to perform with the Docking running on PC will be available on touch devices, too. jqxDocking will be available in the next week.

jquery docking windows

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