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    HI all
    we implement stack chart
    in that tool tip display on top of bar but problem is come only for last column and first column tooltip overlap bar when count is less
    i want to show alwas on top of bar its it possible

    please reply as soon as possible

    its urgent otherwise we need change jqx to other library



    show tooltip on top #86415


    Hi Rajesh,

    When using a Stacked Chart the tooltip will never show on top of the columns, because there are multiple series stacked in each column and the toolTip needs to show info about each of them when you hover them, that’s why it appears from the side. I assume you’re asking about the Column Series jqxChart, because it does have a tooltip that shows up on top of each serie. Now about your problem, the first and the last bar are very close to the jqxChart’s border that’s why the toolTip appears from their inner side, not above them. To fix that you can set the “columnsGapPercent” to a bigger number so there’s enough space for the toolTip to show on top of the bar. If one of the bars is bigger then the others and the toolTip can’t show above it, simply set the ValueAxis’s “maxValue” property to a bigger number so there’s enough space or the toolTip to appear there. I’ve prepared a demo for you with a simple demonstration:

    Also try to keep the data in the toolTip as short as possible so it doesn’t overlap the neighbour bars. ToolTips must show a short info about the hovered bar.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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