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    I am testing the panel with a table inside.
    I am testing it on different browsers on mobile devices.
    I ran into an issue and used your demo mobile layout as a test:
    My test page is: http://hlsm.com/jqwidgets/jq_tests/panel/panel_2.htm
    When viewed on the browser that came on a Samsung Note 2, any part not seen once loaded does not appear when scrolling.
    This is also true for the Browser Dolphin on the same phone.
    It works perfect with Firefox on the same phone.
    I have not tried It on other browsers or an iPhone yet.
    I have the Tab Widget on a test page and it needs to scroll and works perfect in all of these browsers.
    I need the table so I can work with the data and actions of the user, but I need it to scroll within a holder.
    I am using the Menu Widget right above it, which I am also using with the Tab Widget that works well.
    The page is to stay the same size, no resizing, and as they scroll the table within the panel, the Menu bar is always view-able/accessible.
    Is this an issue and what would you recommend as a work around.

    The link http://hlsm.com/newlayout/mobile/make_selection.htm shows the issue well.
    If in the default browser or Dolphin browser, if you scroll, you don’t see the last several rows of the table.
    When you scroll the table, you get this large white space. If you continue to scroll on the white space, nothing happens.
    However, if you scroll on what is left of the table, the rest of the table comes into view.
    To recap: Scroll on the table and it is not the table moving, it is something else.
    The panel widget is within a pgBody tag. The pgBody tag is set to a specific height. The panel widget is set to a height of 100%, so it should occupy the entire pgBody tag. So when I scroll, I should be scrolling within the panel, but I am not. I am scrolling in something else and when I hit the limit of that control, it stops. Then and only then can I scroll within the panel, but I have to be in the panel, which is where the table is. Try the link in one of those browsers. When you think you hit the end, reposition you finger over the table and it will now scroll.

    Panel not working correctlly on moble #95658


    I had to move the test page to http://hlsm.com/newlayout/mobile/make_selection_jqwidget.htm I need to have this demo up and working.

    Panel not working correctlly on moble #95672


    Hello narnone,

    Thank you for the feedback.
    Also, we do not have support for “Dolphin” browser you could find this in this section but it happens in others browsers.
    I will create a work item for this.
    We cannot engage to warrant some customizations with our widgets.
    I would like to suggest you combination of the jqxMenu with the jqxGrid up to it.

    $("#menu").jqxMenu({ theme: theme, width: '100%', height: '10%', ... });
    $("#grid").jqxGrid({ theme: theme, width: '100%', height: '90%', ... });

    Best Regards,
    Hristo Hristov

    jQWidgets team

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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