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    It’s my first time here and it is possible i won’t cover up all the information regarding the problem i’m having with this possible bug/encounter with loadstate on jqxgrid but i will try my best.
    I found a jsfiddle that was very close to my problem and edited in order to make it easier to pinpoint the problem that i have…
    here is the jsfiddle
    I need to save the state of the grid with all filters but there is a problem when selecting a date filter for example order date in the jsfiddle and a dropdownlist with checkboxes…
    Steps to reproduce:

    1. select 2 options from the Product filter
    2. select any date from the Order date filter (doesn’t matter if we get items in grid or not)
    3. save the state
    4. load the state and check the Product filter => all options are checked

    If we redo it with product then quantity then date save state, load state we will see that quantity is saved ok.
    If we select any other filter and avoid Order date all saved filters will be ok including Product filter.
    Strange is that if we start with Order date filter then Product filter save state then load state the Product filter will keep the picked choices…

    I am using widgets 9.1.6 localy and it happens the same as with 12.1.1 from the jsfiddle…
    What would cause this problem?

    Thank you!


    Hello Marius,

    Thank you for the feedback! This seems to be an issue.
    I have created a work item for this case.

    Best Regards,
    Martin Yotov

    jQWidgets Team


    Cool! Thank you Martin!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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