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    We are facing resizing issues with the jqxWindow when an Iframe loads the content of the jqxWindow..
    When the jqxwindow is opened and resized using mouse click dragg across the corners/boundaries, untill the mouse is clicked the resizing happens correctly but sometimes even when mouse click event is released then still just moving of the mouse resizes the window.

    Similar problem is observed in the example below.

    Step to reproduce the problem in the example provided in the above link:
    1) click on Set new Content
    2) Left click on the mouse and resize the jqxwindow to increase or decrease the size of the jqxwindow.
    3) Release the mouse click at the same time and just move the mouse. This will cause the random resizing of the jqxwindow.

    Can you please assist us to get any solution over this.

    Thank You.


    Hi prasad,

    When you add the IFrame as it is a new document with its own event system, just put some 5px margin around it.



    Thanks a lot Peter for your response.

    As you suggested , we tried adding margin in the IFRAME but somehow could not able to resolve the issue. This seems inconsistent in the behavior. Sometime it do work but sometimes the undesired behavior occurs too.

    Warm Regards

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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