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    Following the examples and ensuring that all required js files are being loaded correctly by the browser, when attempting to create a new adapter via new $.jqx.dataAdapter(…), an error stating $.jqx is undefined appears. After debugging further, it is apparent that the jqx object as well as all the jqx widgets are being associated directly to the window object (i.e., window.jqx, window.jqxGrid, etc. are not undefined). I replaced the jquery version between 1.12.x and 3.1.x both form a CDN and from a local copy and the result remains.

    Any thoughts on how to overcome this?

    $.jqx is undefined #133823


    Nevermind. I found the issue. I had previously added a link to jquery 3.5.x in a _Layout.cshtml file (asp.net) and had forgotten about it. For testing the jqx widgets, I added another link to jquery in a another view (which used _Layout.cshtml as it “base” file) and right before the jqx widget links. As part of the asp.net pipeline, the dependent file’s info is parsed first (along with its javascript links), then the “_Layout” file (along with its javascript links). Since the jqx bindings to jQuery were occurring in the dependent file, once the “_Layout” file was parsed, it’s jQuery link overwrote any plugin additions (i.e., erasing any previous jqx bindings).

    $.jqx is undefined #133826


    Thank you for the update!
    If you face any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Best regards,
    Svetoslav Borislavov

    jQWidgets Team

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