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    I’ve discovered some issues with jqxDockingLayout. The code is currently standalone, so I can always send a zipped copy if necessary.
    I’m currently using version 4.1.1, combined with jQuery 2.2.3. I tried using 4.1.2, but experienced more problems.
    I suspect some issues are due to the combination of HTML and widgets I’m using.

    Testing occurred on the following browsers:

    Toggling show/hide state of tree control. When this occurs, docking layout resizes as
    display state is toggled. Docking views resize their frames correctly. However, content
    of individual views is not resized. Suspect framework doesn’t signal
    resize events to all docking views.

    Drag/drop test. When docking view contains multiple tabs, dragging a tab moves contents.
    But sometimes leaves an empty tab behind. If you drag (or close) the empty tab, then
    it will move (or close) one of the tabs next to it. In my opinion, this indicates that the
    framework is losing track of some internal structures.
    Another way to make this happen: drag one of the multiple tabs. Once dropped in other position,
    move same exact view a second time. The empty tab will disappear.

    Drag/drop test. When only two group windows remain in a column, drag bottom group window
    to another column. Sometimes the top group window fails to take up space left behind by
    the bottom window that was dragged elsewhere.

    Drag/drop test. Tabs sometimes end up blank when dragged. Suspect this is a side effect
    of other listed issues, and normally wouldn’t happen.

    IE11: Team Status view stalled at “loading” state. Seems like the table believes it’s still
    in the loading state.

    IE11: Seems to have browser resizing issues. Suspect IE non-compliance issues.

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    Issues with jqxDockingLayout #85604


    Hello zardozwildman,

    Thank you for your feedback. Could you, please, provide us with a jsEditor example we can test to reproduce these issues? If for some reason this is not possible, you can send your project to support@jqwidgets.com and we can continue this discussion by email. Either way, please also include a step-by-step instructions on reproducing the issues.

    Best Regards,

    jQWidgets team

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