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    I am now moving from the test project which was created based from your demos into my application.

    I have everything configured correctly so far as I can tell, but I am receiving an error when trying to view in my application

    When the page loads, I receive error in browser

    crm.js:144455 [Vue warn]: Error in data(): “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘beforeLoadComplete’ of undefined”

    found in

    —> <Crm> at resources/js/components/crm/CRM.vue

    Here is my component (note, the jqwidgets css is being loaded in the page which calls this component)


    <div class=”crm-container”>
    <div class=”crm-detail” style=”display: block”>

    import JqxGrid from “jqwidgets-scripts/jqwidgets-vue/vue_jqxgrid.vue”

    export default {
    components: { JqxGrid },
    props: {
    config: { type: String, default: “” },
    data() {
    return {
    peopleAdapter: new jqx.dataAdapter(this.peopleList),
    peopleColumns: [
    { text: “ID”, datafield: “id”, hidden: true },
    { text: “Name”, datafield: “full_name” },
    beforeCreated() {
    this.peopleList = {
    datatype: “array”,
    localdata: [{id: 1, full_name: “Mike Erickson”}],
    datafields: [
    { name: “id”, type: “number” },
    { name: “full_name”, type: “string” },
    <style scoped lang=”scss”>




    There is syntax error in the provided code in two places “{ name: “full_name”, type: “string” },” the “,” should be removed. The “,” on the next line should be removed, too.

    Best regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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