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    Klaus H


    I have a customer request to modifiy a dynmically generated jqxChart – it’s dynamical because the user can select which values shall be displayed before the chart is generated, so the number of lines in the chart may vary and also the number of Y-Axis may vary because of the data selection. That all works well for several years. The request to modify is to show a vertical line like a crosshair that moves with the mouse and displays all the values from that specific date.

    I could not find that feature for jqxChart, so I guess you have not implemented this. I have found two competitors of yours that have, here an example using chart.js: https://codepen.io/anatoly314/pen/BXWgxG

    Do you plan to add such a feature in the future? Even with multiple Y-Axis and therefore units?

    Best regards
    Klaus H

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