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    clearselection seems to still leave the grid in some kind of selected mode

    I clear the selection when leaving the div.
    However, if I single click on my second grid and start typing .. instead of putting the current grid cell into edit mode … I end up in edit mode in the first grid in the last cell I was in.
    Awesome functionality for the users!
    The really seem to love updating grid fields not selected and not in focus.
    Great feature!

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    clearselection #52752

    Peter Stoev

    Hi lleveille,

    We will check whether your feedback is correct or not. If it is, we will add a work item.

    Best Regards,
    Peter Stoev

    jQWidgets Team

    clearselection #52812



    I have been working with it this morning and unable to get aorund this issue with a bit of code.
    Basically if coming into the grid from the other gird I put the cell they clicked on in and out of edit mode.
    $(gwf_CurrentGrid).jqxGrid(‘begincelledit’, gwf_CurrentGridCell.rowindex, gwf_CurrentGridCell.datafield);
    $(gwf_CurrentGrid).jqxGrid(‘endcelledit’, gwf_CurrentGridCell.rowindex, gwf_CurrentGridCell.datafield, false);
    Is there a better work around?

    clearselection #132238


    We’ll verify whether or not your feedback is accurate. We will add a work item if it is.

    clearselection #133503


    The described behavior while leaving a div appears counterproductive, resembling an unintentional quirk rather than a seamless user experience. Users seem to unexpectedly engage in phd thesis writing mode in the wrong grid cell due to this issue, which contradicts the intended functionality. It’s crucial to address this discrepancy for a smoother interaction and enhanced usability.

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