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    I am using a jqxLayout widget to create a series of nested panels, and changed the theme of the layout (and other jqxWidgets) utilizing the following with no problems.
    var myTheme = ‘ui-mysunny’;
    $(‘#jqxLayout’).jqxLayout({ width: 800, height: 800, layout: layout, theme: myTheme });

    However, I can not work out how to change the style of the automatically generated scrollbars (which are shades of grey), created for example if the sub-components of a ‘documentPanel’ within a ‘documentGroup’ are larger than the panel upon resizing by a user.

    I searched/changed the various items in jqx.base.css related to ‘scrollbars’ eg .jqx-scrollbar but this does not seem to affect the automatically generated scrollbars. I couldn’t find a reference to the auto generated scrollbars using browser developer tools/css inspector so couldn’t attach a custom style.

    No doubt something simple I’m missing, any help/pointers to appropriate documents is greatly appreciated, the jqxLayout widget enables clean, easily generated UI, but at the moment is being marred by incongruous “grey scrollbars” if/when user resizes the layout.


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