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jQWidgets Enterprise ready JavaScript and HTML5 framework is here to reduce development time and get you started on a solid foundation. Save time and use the most advanced framework for Angular UI development. Develop Angular applications which will look great in any browser and on any device. Choose from more than 60 UI components including Grid, Chart, Scheduler, Editor, TreeGrid and more. Get started with hundreds of AngularJS and Angular 7 examples.

Angular Widgets

Developing Angular 7 Applications has never been easier

Angular is a JavaScript framework for dynamic web applications. It lets you use HTML as your template language and extend HTML's syntax. Angular is built with extensibility in mind and works well with other libraries. Over the last couple of years Angular has become the framework of choice for many enterprise class applications. It brings code clarity, clear separation of concerns, flexible data binding and a well designed events infrastructure.

Almost all professional projects built with Angular 7 need a good looking and consistent user interface. Angular5 does not provide UI widgets and while there are some open source plugins they often lack features, cross-browser support and fall short when building complex interfaces. jQWidgets provides a comprehensive set of JavaScript UI Components for Angular5. They are well tested to work with the latest versions of Angular 7. The framework ships with 100+ ready to use examples.

jQWidgets provides a complete set of UI components - Data Grid , Chart, Scheduler, TreeGrid and more. All Angular 7 components are tested with the most popular desktop and mobile browsers and work on PCs, tablets and phones. This can save you countless hours in UI development costs so you can focus on the core capabilities of your applications and web sites.

Getting started with Angular 7

Angular 5 Components

If you are considering Angular 7, we have good news for you. jQWidgets now fully supports the latest version Angular 7.

Angular 7 is an extensible MVW (Model-View-Whatever) framework designed for serious enterprise class applications. It is a complete rewrite of the initial AngularJS 1.x framework which used together with TypeScript makes JavaScript software development the preferred choice for professionals.

Unlike AngularJS 1.x, Angular 4 and Angular 7 are based on components which specify the main elements and logic. Components are used as building blocks of the applications. Using the jQWidgets framework which has a consistent set of UI components ranging from simple ones like button, listbox and checkbox to complex ones like grid, chart and scheduler, can make a real difference and save you countless hours in UI development so you can focus on the core capabilities of your applications and web sites. `

To learn more check the Angular 7 getting started document: Getting Started with Angular 7

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