Vue.js popularity grows in 2018

Vue.js is a modern framework for building user interface applications. Vue is very flexible and is designed with the idea to be incrementally adoptable. The core library is targeting entirely the view layer, which makes it easy to use and to integrate with other libraries. This however is not a drawback compared to other frameworks like Angular and React, so Vue can be used to develop sophisticated Single-Page Applications in combination with other tooling and supporting libraries.

Vue.js popularity

All of this fuels the growth and the adoption of Vue.js which makes it one of the fastest growing UI frameworks for 2018. As can be seen from the information on the usage of Vue.js has almost doubled during the last year. There are also more tools and frameworks which support Vue.js

Vue.js adoption rate

JQWidgets UI component for Vue.js

The JQWidgets UI framework offers more than 60 professional, enterprise grade UI components for building state of the art Vue.js applications. All of the components are responsive and optimized for top performance on PCs, mobile devices and phones. IN addition JQWidgets offers more than 500 ready to use demos, extensive documentation and professional support. All of this combined with the power and simplicity of Vue will make the time spent on development a pleasure.

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