What customers say about jQWidgets


National Instruments has partnered with JQWidgets Ltd. to bring HTMLElements to NI’s suite of engineering tools and development environments including LabVIEW NXG and SystemLink. Our goal has to bring the ubiquity and accessibility of the web to automated test and measurement applications. To do so we required a partner who could create fully featured controls that met the performance and UI requirements of demanding engineering applications. JQWidgets has built a technology stack with the flexibility to fit into multiple different applications frameworks and visual styles while also providing assurances of the long term sustainability by leverage the latest W3C Custom Element standard.

Mark Black

Software Product Owner

National Instruments

– How exactly did jQWidgets help your project?:
jQWidgets has a lot of widgets. It helped me to build complex web app faster. Really happy with the result. I’m using other UI for a while for my project, but its UI little bit Old, jQWidgets has modern theme and customizable with theme generator tool

– What would you say if you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
If you want to build web apps faster with modern look and feel try jQWidgets, its easy to find example project and tutorial

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
Working more time with the logic, and less with UI

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
We did search some jQuery frame work and compare it, and we decide to choose Jqwidget because has more widget , complete documentation, Modern Look and feel, and very affordable for us and Its easy to implement with my project and we will use it again in the future project

– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
Our Client is very happy with the result, and we complete the project early. Thanks jQWidgets!!

Wahyu A.M
Software Developer
MertaJaya Tech

My name is Pieter Agenbag and I work as a Senior Software Developer for SINTREX Integration services.

We had recently been investigating RAD tools, specifically for quickly building CRUD screens. However, after much frustration with performance and customization, I proposed a different solution , using jQWidgets grid component as a base for building easily configurable , data driven CRUD screens. In no time at all I was able to put together a POC and soon after was able to port my entire product to using it. In the process I realized we could also greatly benefit from several of the other components in the suite. The fantastic features , great performance , wide variety of components and ease of use makes it easy for me to recommend this suite to anyone wanting to build rich web interfaces.

Pieter Agenbag
Senior Software Developer
SINTREX Integration services

The application we are building is a complex business application, where the majority of the processing occurs on the server, and we needed an attractive and highly usable user interface for the browser client. We went through several evolutions of client-side technology, starting with Dojo, then switching to jQuery with 3 different supporting UI libraries and finally settled on jQuery with jQWidgets.

What attracted us to jQWidgets was:

– The variety of UI controls closely matched the requirements of our application.
– The sense that the jQWidgets was an ”active” project that was making tangible progress. That is, it had a published roadmap and seemed to be rapidly expanding the number of widgets. For example, we have a need for logarithmic axes for charts, which we see will be in an upcoming release. Another example was the grid control, whereas other projects are still working on their grid control.
– The quality seemed to be solid, based on our initial evaluation tests.
– The API’s appeared to be well-thought-through and are simpler than equivalent controls from other libraries. That is, it required less code to create the same user interface. And the uniformity in the style of the APIs was welcomed.
– All the controls seemed to work well together. [This was the key point for us as we experienced strange interactions among controls taken from several different libraries. For example, when resizing the browser, not all controls from different libraries responded appropriately. Conflicts between CSS from 3 different libraries was also an issue. The compatibility of jQWidgets controls was a big plus, as we did not experience the quirks and conflicts we experienced when mixing controls from 3 different libraries.
– Being able to obtain almost all our UI controls from one source will simplify our configuration management as well as our coding.
– We were able to evaluate jQWidgets sufficiently using the free download prior to making a decision to purchase.

Altogether, the combination of these considerations made it worthwhile to undergo the pain of switching to jQWidgets. That conversion is still underway, but already we are happier with the way the jQWidgets work with each other without unexpected interactions and conflicts. Also our client-side code using jQWidgets seems cleaner, more uniform, and easier to read. Finally, managing one library of UI controls is simpler than managing 3 from different projects.

Brian Carroll
B. R. Carroll & Associates, LLC

We began using jQWidgets to speed up the development of a customer portal project. The sheer number of UI controls and myriad configuration options allowed us to deploy a highly functional and aesthetically pleasing system. I stress that last point because while there are numerous JavaScript UI control libraries out there, few are as elegant and polished as what you get with jQWidgets. They took what jQuery UI started and finished it.

Our developers loved the library so much that after we completed our portal, we began integrating the jQWidget controls into our main ERP system. We’ve seen direct increases in efficiency by reducing the number of clicks and enabling more powerful user interactions after deploying jQWidgets.

If you do any client-side development, I highly recommend jQWidgets.

Andrew Pulcino
Director of Technical Operations
Language Intelligence, Ltd

What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
We have developed a web application for our internal usage. The use of the application is for Material Management Team. The application lacks good look and feel and the controls used are not more user friendly (E.g. Rich Text Editor, Grid: Sorting, Hiding, Filtering was not made available). jQWidgets helped us in redefining the user controls, it’s eye catching theme, great look and feel has made our decision quick in selecting jQWidgets.

What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
Nice product bundled with almost all features required for any website development. Readymade controls along with source code, saves lot of development time. Go for it !!!

How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
Till now with the trial version we have used the Grid component. The great look and feel of the Grid and facility at user level for filtering, sorting, hiding of data is the beauty of this product. This Grid is the best grid we have seen so far. We are planning to use more and more features provided by jQWidgets. It has reduced our development time in terms of delivery of our application. The multi browser feature is also one of the best feature of jQWidgets.

Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
When we felt our developer team is spending time in designing of controls and its look n feel which delayed implementation to some extent and we felt a ready to use component is required. After evaluating many components found jQWidgets as the best flexible and easy to integrate tool with our existing applications.

Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
Meeting all our requirement and having much more features. Almost all user controls under one roof. The code is very easy to learn. It has saved our development time. Great product with variety of components.

Prasad Menon
Head – IT (Sr. General Manager – IT )
Ajanta Pharma Limited

Patrizio Vinciguerra, Ingegnere Informatico, speaking: “I Knew JOWidgets while I’m browsing to look for some components for web-based applications that run on PC. My company is developing several web-based applications for PC using PHP server-side technology. I was pleasantly surprised that the documentation of your software is simple and very useful. I like very much your widgets because they feature intuitive API. I like that full source code is short, too. I’m happy to use JQWidgets especially because they are an excellent tool to build awesome-looking applications. I’m sure, I recommend your software to others in the future.”

Patrizio Vinciguerra
Software Engineer

Our company is a software house located in Naples, Italy. We plan to publish various project in the next few months, all web application created in Java with Spring Framwork and we choose Bootstrap and JqxWidget to provide a modern view to our customers. For now the most used widget is JqxGrid with virtual mode, that help us to retrieve many data from our database in a really fast way, create pagination and filter result like we need. We also utilize JqxSplitter to create dynamic template for our apps and other small widgets like JqxCalendar, JqxLoading or JqxTree. Next step is to start a BI interface with JqxChart. We choose JqxWidget after a month of research and comparation with other tools like Ext-JS or also open source tools with different technologies like JSF and Angular-JS.

Danilo Squillace
Responsabile Sviluppo Software

My name is John, the lead programmer of a two person development team. We were looking to create a superior user experience for our ASP.NET project. We knew that in order to deliver a responsive and dynamic user experience, we would need to use more client-side scripting. Faced with the challenge of extensive JavaScript development, we sought out a UI widget solution. JQWidgets were an excellent option for us because of the extensive documentation and 30-day trial. We initially chose JQwidgets because of the great documentation, and stayed for their superior performance. Everyone knows that good documentation means time savings, and in our business, time is money. During our 30-day trial we have utilized the ComboBox, Expanders, Input, and Grid. We love the highly configurable options and easy to learn events, methods, and attributes. They even have customizable themes! You can custom style each component of the widgets, and those elements are documented too. I know that we have only scratched the surface of what the complete package of widgets offers us, and we look forward to learning how to use more of them. Our aim is to create a solid UI that is supported on desktop and mobile, and we believe that jqWidgets will help us deliver that with confidence and speed.

John Mull
Lead programmer

JQWidgets (specifically JQxGrid) has been used to fast-track our asp.net MVC development. By plumbing the grid up to our standard JSON data endpoint we instantly got high performance client data grid with paging, searching /filtering, sorting, grouping, editing, in-line add. A huge time saver and well worth the license price.

Andrew Rigby
Delivery Systems Group – Manager

Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
We are developing a framework called Display configuration for our internal project reusability purposes where your jQWidgets (particularly JQGrid is a great fit). Ours is an ERP application and so most of the places it will be CRUD, Master Detail CRUDs and various reports using GRIDs and Charts. For this, your JQGrid is excellent fit because of excel/pdf export options etc. There is no other Grid that is even close to the functionality and versatility of jQWidgets.

What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
Saves 100s of 1000s of hours from reinventing the wheel for a moderate price.
How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful?
Helped us jumpstart into the project right away and have reduced our code size by 2/3. Compatibility with AngularJS is a big plus for future.

Rafiq Ahamed
Technical Architect
Ethical Intelligent Technologies

Being in the aerospace industry, we needed a way to quickly change simple CRUD data interfaces and develop intranet applications for information distribution. We began with plain ol’ JavaScript then moved into the jQuery tool to help speed up the JavaScript development. Whenever we needed special elements like calendars, graphs, grids, sliders, and so forth, we would hunt the best one down, purchase it, and use it. Time was then spent changing CSS “themeing” to be as close as possible to what we wanted.
We got tired of that.
Now the game was to find a good JavaScript library that was packed with elements designed to work together. We found quite a few of them. Some were good and others were not. Some looked easy while others looked hard. Some had good docs and some did not. Many looked untouched and ignored for a long period time.
Then we tripped over jQWidgets.
A lot of elements in release. A lot of demos. A lot of examples. A lot of API docs. A lot of answered posts in the forum. Continuation of releases.
We were impressed. We installed the trial commercial library, read some API docs and examples, threw together a few different pages for testing some of the elements, and even had a couple of questions answered in the forum. All the different elements we needed were there plus many, many more we could put to good use. The testing we did certainly made our development speed faster. Now we will use jQWidgets to continue developing the intranet applications we started.

Joe Weinpert
Sr. Business Systems Analyst
Technifab, Inc.

JQWidgets is a complete suite of many controls required For interactive web based development. The controls give A good handle to the developer for managing nice feel to his user. We foud the JQXgrid control especially very useful for MIS reporting Purpose, as it gives dynamic grouping & filtering facility. We selected this JQWidgets suite for our development after study of many other tool boxes. We will definitely recommend JQWIdgets to any friend.

Vinay Orpe
Optimal Infotech Pvt Ltd.

In my earlier project, I designed a website, I used stylesheet for the styling and some scripts based on customer requirements and needs. I did spent more time on the design part. But when coming to another project, I say ‘Hey, why not I search for any tools that can do this design for me so I can focus more on building the programming part building the business logic etc.’. That’s when I do my research and found two suitable tools for me to use.
I tried the first tool unfortunately it is not suitable with my needs. Then I tried on second tools which is jQWidgets and the result is amazing. Everything is out-of-box. With a minimal time spent working on the design but the output looks like I’ve been working on it the whole day. And now I can focus more on building the business logic and calculation works and just leave all my design to jQWidgets to handle it. Furthermore the data transfer from client to server side using ajax makes the integration with my web much easier and I don’t have to spend so much time on the theming part of my web.
I believe that, for anyone who thinks that they need more time on the design then jQWidgets will be best to suite that needs. I would recommend my .NET developer friends to use this tools if they think designing their website is taking too long. I do believe that jQWidgets team is working greatly towards enhancing their product to be more reliable, user friendly and easy to integrate. They also have a good support team whom can response to any issue or problem or question very fast.
Thank you jQWidgets for providing such a great tool!

Zairi Che Nasir
Galasys Solutions (MSC) Sdn Bhd

We tried jqxGrid which has excel like feature of copy/cut/paste from one column to another column, navigation using keyboard. This reduce lot of our development efforts and client also like the output we provided as it even reduces there data entry time. Its an awesome tool we compared with the others available in the market and this fits with all our requirements. Highly appreciated the efforts you’ll put in developing this kind of tool. I have attach the screen shot of the example we have created to show our client

Hiten Satish Damania, PMP
Development Head
Pi Techniques Pvt. Ltd.

What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
JQWidgets provided us with tools to build a website that provides a rich user experience for administering data that will be used for our IOS application
What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
JQWidgets controls are easy to use and look great. There are a lot of examples available and finding help for obscure issues is usually only a google request away.
How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
Development of our administration website for our IOS app was a lot quicker than usual. We ported our site from a wpf application and now as a thin client, we enable our customers to work and administer the IOS application from anywhere.
Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
A google search for web controls found JQWidgets for us and using the free trial solidified the deal. The wealth of controls appealed to me and the ease of use kept me using it.
Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
So far, working with JQWidgets has helped me build what I want to build. Specifically, the support for KnockOutJS (and the examples) makes working with data a lot less tedious.
Overall this a a very good product. Ever since I started using it, I have noticed that more and more effort has been put into improving it.

Isaac Vanderpuye
Chief Technology Officer
Slate Technologies Inc

I am currently developing a new project in which several of its Widgets tested, and is a very useful, powerful and easy to use, plus it helps me in my work for what I want to purchase a license. The main use is going to give in the development of dynamic reports with tables, because it is very useful to add data using jQuery. – What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
The quick and easy way to use JSON to create a table of styles and also to be responsive.
– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
It is a very good tool, it is very easy to use and you will facilitate your work a lot because in a few lines of code you can get the result that you need.
– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
It helps me get the desired result in less time and with excellent design for the page.
– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
Because it is a very easy tool to use, you have a lot of documentation that helps you understand how widgets work, it saves a lot of time developing an application.
– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
Because it helps me get the results I need to meet customer needs.
This is basically the main use to which it would provide the widgets:

Mauricio Salazar Jara
Software Developer
MBC Developers

-We are using windows software for a long time, now we want our software to be programmed for web also. We need highly responsive controls same as that in desktop. jQWidgets provides us these functionalities which are very helpful for our project.
-I would recommend jQWidgets to my friends and I would say, jQWidgets have very easy implementation , high productivity and very easy to use .
-jQWidgets controls contain everything we need to build modern web site. It helps us to deliver professional,browser compatible web application . It saves our development time with its built in functionality. It perfectly suites to a developer’s needs. Our developers can easily integrate and customize controls of jQWidgets in our web application.
-jqxgrid is very convenient and powerful. We need a grid with rich functionalities for our sale reporting and data entry. jqxGrid and jqxChart are best for our online sale reporting system which has features Sorting, Paging, Nested Grids, Rows and Cells Selection, Aggregates, Filter and supports several data binding modes. So jqxgrid is very helpful for us with its built in functionality. Also jQWidgets have fantastic look ,great performance and specially no need to spend much time with development and designing. jQWidgets theme is excellent it gives sites a better look and friendly use.
-We have the same look and feel like windows screens in our web application same as that of our windows application. We also benefit from a rapid application and response time when loading lot of data. jQWidgets provides the user friendly interface for our application.
So I must say that jQWidgets is successful.

Sukhwinder SIngh
Project Manager
Logic ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd

– How exactly did jQWidgets help your project?
JQ Widgets helped solved our data display problems. It provided a platform where we could easily display large amounts of data in an easy to process and great looking format.
– What would you say if you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
I would definitely recommend this product to fellow developers. With its ease of use and its clean, modern appearance, JQ Widgets is a complete package.
– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
It made the development of our app much easier. There were multiple examples to use and made customization a breeze. The online theme roller is so easy to use.
– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
Since it’s based on open source, we knew it would be constantly evolving to meet the needs of all who use it. This gives it great flexibility to tailor it to our needs.
– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
JQ Widgets have cut down our development time significantly. This allowed us to pack in more features in the initial release that would have otherwise been a future enhancement.

Jeffrey M. Nichols
Manager, IT
Data Reduction Systems Corp.

Our development team continually integrates new features and modules that help our municipal customers do more with the software we provide them. In Summer 2012, we made it an initiate to re-launch our software by providing a common user-experience for our client administrators across all platforms and devices. We were especially attracted to the offerings of jQWidgets because of this cross-platform compatibility and in large part because of how well the widgets worked on iPads/iPhones.

It was extremely beneficial for us to focus our development around the jQWidgets platform because of how flexible and well-documented it is. After doing some preliminary testing (with minimal development time for integration), we realized we had a winning solution for our goals. The wide variety of different widgets gives us plenty of tools at our disposal when we further built out many more features to our TownCMS software.

Our current project using jQWidgets is to completely redesign the TownCMS menu builder module. We needed a way that was extremely intuitive to our municipal administrators to use, yet powerful enough to provide a multi-layered menu structure. The jqxTree perfectly suits our needs. We found it effortless to integrate it into our code and to customize. You can see that we have customized jqxTree by integrating different icons to visually define the different page types we offer. Since jQWidgets already provide for so much built-in customization, our development team can focus their efforts on improved usability without headaches or worries!

Dustin Overbeck
Business Manager/Owner
TOWN Web Design, Inc.

I evaluated a lot of Javascript grids and finally settled on jqxGrid. This a pretty big thing for me because I usually use free open source libraries exclusively. jqxGrid is so advanced compared to the competition that I decided to bend my rules for it. It helped that the source code is provided when a license is bought – this gives similar security as when working with open source code. If any modifications are ever needed, having the source code guarantees that I can make them. But so far jqxGrid did everything that I wanted it to do and more. I am using it to display and edit data from a database and it is doing a great job. Solid API, and good documentation.
This is basically the main use to which it would provide the widgets:

Thomas Haselwanter
General Manager
Rational Worlds GmbH

Our objective for jQWidgets was to develop an UI to display and edit information from a mySQL database. The “jqxGrid” widget within jQWidgets was able to accomplish what we wanted through fairly minimal development effort with great result. The outcome is a significant improvement over our existing UI that utilizes another JS Library both in terms of aesthetics and functionality and required less development time. We would definitely continue to use jQWidgets for any future development project that requires similar functionality. Kudos to the jQWidgets Development Team for creating such a comprehensive and easy-to-use product.

Steve Reid
Engineering Manager

After years with Windows development, one of our customers required their system to be reprogrammed for web. As the functionality was expected to be responsive as a desktop program, we turned to create a Single Page Application using tools like jQuery and Knockout. After looking at several widget packages, I started to use jQWidgets. Why? I needed to learn JavaScript and jQWidgets provides good samples. Soon after downloading the package, I was asked if I needed support. So the combination of Pluralsight developer training like “Structuring Javascript Code”, easy to follow and debug jQWidgets samples and great personal support, I think we now are on the way.

Einar Tvete
Miclis AS

What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

jQWidgets help us in redesigning the new UI in our internal assessment portal. Application theme and look and feel is great with jQWidget controls.

What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?

Good and nice functional and usability features, if you are looking for good interactive app then go for it.

How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

It has been appreciated by stakeholders and has really improved on time and response on ui.

Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?

Have evaluated trial version and feature really helped to meet the demand and expectations.

Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.

Appreciation from all stakeholders on seeing functional features, usability and user friendliness. We really want to go live with it app.

Ravi Virmani

– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
The Widgets provide by JQWidgets allows us to develop very nice UI components in short time

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
Very good components and Very well documented,

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
HTML 5 components, cross browsers and platform compatbility

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
Very good demo site and well documented.

– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
Deliver Powerful UI widgets is very short time is already successful for us.

Ron Aharoni
Product Manager
Company: FocusLive

I am testing the community version of JQWidgets.
I am developing a Truck tracking system and I would like to buy a Developer License to use JQWidgets in the system and future offerings.
Regarding to the question you suggest to complete, let me provide my answers in order to apply for a cupon discount:
1 What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
I need to present consistent -modern/flexible- graphics chart to help middle management to take decision on truck tracking information (speed excess / RPM excess).
2 What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
If you want to save time, have professional look and feel on your web application, and want to avoid dealing with multiple frameworks, pick JQWidgets.
3.- How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
I believe I am going to save time and trouble of dealing with ONE frameworks.
4.-Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
The demo goes to the point, the information is clear and well documented for my level of understanding.
5.- Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
With less effort I can get a professional look of my application, that means more customer satisfaction and more potential business. I hope I was clear on my answers and that is good to qualify for a discount.

Hector A. Puk
Software Developer

Thank you for the widget set. jQWidgets offered us a great set of stock widgets and charts which helped our team to have a nice looking website while directing our efforts in solving business problems rather than spending time to create and customize widgets and worry about compatibility with different frame work js.

Arun Mani
Director of Innovations

After more than thirty years as a software developer it is always a pleasant surprise to receive such thorough and efficient pre-sales support. Any questions I had were dealt with quickly and courteously and all issues resolved. I have examined the competition and have decided on jQWidgets due to the speed and elegance of the components, clarity and consistency of the API, adherence to standards, regular new feature releases and active support forum.

Jamie Dalmer
Software Developer

So let me start by introducing myself. My name is Thorsten Drude and I am working as a product manager for a company called ‘segmeno’ (www.segmeno.de). We are currently developing a web application. The backend is hosted on an IIS (.NET). For the frontend we use pure js. Frameworks are jQWidgets, knockoutjs , SignalR and JQuery.
When searching for a powerful js widget library, we evaluated several frameworks, including Smartgwt, ExtJS and jqWidgets. We finally decided on your product because you have a very good community support, an extensive offer of widgets and finally your showcase gave a good and quick first impression. During implementation the team had to spend some time to become familiar with the framework, especially with using it together with knockoutjs. But this challenge exists with every new framework. Due to the number of examples and information to be found on the internet it was possible for our team to speed up the work progress. This is also the reason why I would recommend your product: After a short training period you can save lots of time by using the framework and its wide amount of widgets.
An interesting ability which was important for us is the high customization by using css themes. We could quickly create our own theme and integrate it very smoothly. So to answer the questions from your website:
– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
· It provided a wide range of widgets with a great functional range
· It had a good licence policy which was important to us since we wanted to build a commercial product
– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
· As mentioned above, the time savings, good community support and a large functional range
– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
· We were able to fall back upon an existing collection of widgets (we did not have to implement them ourselves)
– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
· Because it was visually highly customizable and already close to the style we wanted for our product
· Because the online showcase convinced us
– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
· Because you have huge cost-savings and great outcome
· Because it is easy to integrate and use for any developer familiar with the basics of javascript
I hope this gives a good overall picture about how and why we are using jQWidgets.
I further hope that my input helps to improve a product which already lives up to very high standards.

Thorsten Drude
segmeno software GmbH

I am a free lancer for 25 years working alone almost 100% of the time. I survived so long only because I’ve been always doing my own solutions, avoiding as much as it was possible any third party code. Year by year this idea has been getting more and more inappropriate due to the constantly increasing number of the areas of different technologies and growing market of ready-to-use solutions. Anyway my expectations to such solutions never changed, they have been always very high making difficult for me finding something I could accept.

One of the areas I am thinking about is RIA (Rich Internet Applications). I got involved in a few projects a few years ago and as the time was passing by I’ve been more and more suffering from the lack of sophisticated components. Having very limited time I gave a try to a few found systems but none of them fulfilled all my criteria. Being close to lose my hope to find anything I eventually read an information about jQWidgets. The most important feature presented in this note was that this system was very close to jQuery and even to jQuery UI which was the only I decided to use in the meantime.

When I opened the jQWidgets internet website and went roughly through all information I immediately got confident I found almost a perfect solution.

First of all the list of components covers almost completely all possible needs and their look very nice on the screen in all kind of the browsers. Secondly, there is also a fantastic documentation with links to JSFIDDLE for almost all properties and methods. At the same time the text description is very short and contains only the crucial information which I love because it is very legible.

I also reviewed the history and the road map and it made me convinced the jQWidgets staff knows very well what the programmers might want to simplify their work and to deliver really professional tools for their clients.

And last but not least, the price. The professional license, royalty free for unlimited number of websites is really cheap, especially compared to other existing frameworks. And the discount for additional year subscription is excellent.

I was really very glad to find separate java script codes related to particular components as well as the combined file, quite big but very convenient for people starting working with jQWidgets.

Incorporating the widgets into my systems went very easy despite they have been developing for a few years using very specific approach and software tools. I am sure jQWidgets will make my interfaces more scalable thus letting me to focus on other aspects.

Sławek Borucki
Polish programmer for more than 30 years, a free-lancer for last 25 years

My client required the creation of a complex scheduling system. My primary reason for choosing jqwidgets for integration into this project is for the jqxgrid. I needed to display grids of information with the ability to have a checkbox column that I could make AJAX calls with for updating the database. I’ve been very happy with it. I’m also happy to find out that after Chrome just did an update that broke the checkbox column, a quick update of the jqwidgets fixed the problem. I plan to explore the many other widgets available as time permits.

Preston Korn
Company: Star Web Management

To help you get started, we have included a few questions, but please feel free to write whatever you like. – What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted? I coordinate a dashboard for an organization and jQWidgets provids the needed widgets that are hosted on webpage for quick data overview of critical data for several tech support departments. – What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend? If you want to save time and want your projects to look professional, then go with jQWidgets. – How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets? I save a lot of time with coding my projects. I’m actually able to put more time to thoughts and ideas about the project and not spend the time on programming different unrelated jquery components together. – Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project? jQWidgets’ components are easy to coordinate together. – Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful. Working with jQWidgets is fantastic because all needed widgets are seamless and easy to program together. I actually have several projects before where I’ve used several components from several sources. The project coding actually takes longer to get through.

Tim Holt
Technical Support Engineer, Customer Care

I’m Ermanno Ancona, Ingegnere Informatico (Computer Engineer) and owner of AWB Informatica.
I’m a LAMP web developer.
I found jQWidget googling for a UI framework based on jQuery and ready for desktop and mobile devices. Three things caught my attention:
1) The list of widgets included the ones I normally use in my web applications (and many more)
2) The web site offered a lot of examples with full source code
3) There was a simple and ready to use API documentation

I started evaluating jQwidget with a simple web application and the learning time was very short compared to other javascript framework I used.
Then I decided to migrate a more complex (old) application using jQWidgets in conjunction with Bootstrap. The work is still in progress but developement is very fast, no compatibility issues with Bootstrap, great look and feel. I feel very comfortable with jQWidgets and I’m going to adopt the framework for new projects.
I have tried different javascript frameworks but I would recommend jQWidgets to really do more with less code. Thank you to jQWidgets team.

Ermanno Ancona
Software Engineer and business owner
AWB Informatica

I’ve used jqWidgets in 2 projects and it’s great!

– jQWidgets give me beautiful UI and powerful abstraction to do more with less code.
– To my friend I would say if you have month to do the job jQWidgets is only thing you need, it will save a lot of time.
– It’s quick, lightweight and self sufficient.
– I’m not very good at Web development (i’ve just started and this my first 2 projects) so jQWidgets give me quick start , my first project was just for diving in, but my second one is well structured and I realy like the result.
– I plan to use jQWidgets in future projects and I can’t think about anything that would change my mind.
Your work is really very very good.

Project 1: reference system about our product (GSM alarm system). It contains schemes, parameters description, supported equipment and so on. You can see it on http://irs.ua/gss2
Project 2: solution for monitoring repair orders from our clients.

Viacheslav Pavlov
Software Developer

jQWidget contributed to increase the productivity of developing web pages using jquery.

The jQWidget objects, are intuitive and very dynamic, is useful to diverse solutions and enabling new ideas. When the company decided to make the portability of pages for jquery, html5 and css3, started a large research in “search engines”, especially for analyzing objects, and evaluate the work that each would require. The use of jQWidgets was the best attended, because it is intuitive to learn and apply, also the quantity and quality of objects into a “single component”.

VIJA recommends and has recommended jQWidet for partners, demonstrating the outcome and quality of pages created.

Edson José Valentim Pereira
Expert Software Integrator

Since we started using JQWidgets for a couple of weeks. I found the Widget to be easy to use, reduce time in development and add the professional look and feel to an application that we design. the use of the tool increased efficiency of code development by 40%. I would recommend the widget for any manager that is looking at enhancing the look and feel of the design of an application and providing powerful tools for the end user to slice and dice the data as they see fit. I am very excited to be using JQWidgets for my developers. This tool is a must for every development shop..

Mahmoud Dimassi
IT Manager
Viscor Inc.

What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

As a consultant for my client, I suggested to to use jQWidgets and replace their existing expensive third party control and expensive upgrades. It gives feel like desktop application as everything is in JavaScript and works like charm.

What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?

I would highly recommend jQWidgets in my consulting job. It’s so easy to use and full control in JavaScript.

How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

Rich user experience with AJAX calls from client. Fast turn around time to implement required functionality.

Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?

First it’s very simple to use. Less in price. and so on

Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.

It does most of all functionality required for a common, standard web application.

Pankaj Thorat
Software Consultant

What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

Replacement of our Desktop Application to HTML5 App. With JQWidgets UI.

That highly supported:

– Touch Devices.
– SVG Charts.
– All major browsers.

What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?

– It’s User friendly.
– HTML5 with CSS3.
– Data binding from MYSQL, SQL SERVER, JSON, ARRAY.
– Flexible UI Controls.
– Less Coding.
– Grid, Dropdownlist, ComboBox are excellent.
– Compatible with ASP.NET MVC, PHP.
– Instead of Desktop App we can use JQWidgets.
– Instant Support through their forums.

How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

– Single source maintain for all the versions- Browser based, mobile based and Touch screen based.
– Fully Client Side.
– jqxGrid which has Grouping, AggregateS, Filter, Popup editing and more with less coding.
– And also xls, xml, json, html, csv, tsv export options in a single code.
– Multicolumn Dropdown list.
– High Graphics Charts.
– Office, metro and more in-built themes.

Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?

– Our roadmap is to convert from our existing ERP application into Web based application.
– Since web based application is not user friendly while comparing with the desktop application.
– Your jQWidgets UI is fullfilled our requirements.

Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.

– HTML5 Technology.
– Less coding.
– Execution is very fast.
– Easy to learn and many more…

J VinayagaMurthy
Senior Software Developer
Dixcy Textiles Pvt Ltd
Project Title – ERP Hosiery
Industry – Textiles

I chose jQWidgets due to the reasons:

– Includes all components that i need for development of a web project.
– Browsers compatibility.
– Excellent documentation and support.
– Easy to use.
– Saves development time.
– Excellent design and theming.
– Includes the latest web development standards.
– Includes source and you can personalize if want.
– You can get support in trial period and after that you can purchase.

Reinaldo Orjuela Godoy
System analyst

From my (paying) day work experience with web applications, I find that using a suite of components is always better than stitching together different frameworks, and looking for support in different places.
Although I found other free solutions they do not have a professional look and feel which I feel I need in order to turn my site from “hobby” to business. Your API looks easy to understand, and your components look professional to the end-user which is the kind of experience I’m looking for myself, other developers which may work on the code and of course the potential customers.

Dror Lupu
Senior Software Developer

– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

To display the content in Grid format, to draw charts and auto complete option of data is very easy with jqwidgets.

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
I would say, it is easy to learn and to use.

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
It reduced lot of my effort to design the page.

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
I have tried different jquery frameworks and somehow I am more leaned to jqwidgets because of its simplicity and features.

– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
Again, because it has got lots of features, simplicity, easy to use and learn

Pradeep Araveti
Software Developer

I wanted to provide you with a testimonial about your products. I am a software architect with 20 years of experience building user interfaces and jQWidgets has the distinction of being one of the finest, most elegant, well documented, and reliable libraries I have ever worked with. I just completed a production application in html5 and javascript using jQWidgets and for me it’s a no-brainer. Integrating jQWidgets was painless and has given the application a professionally refined appearance.

Troy Molsberry
Software Developer

We are primarily a C#/ASP.NET shop. Using .NET controls from another vendor, one of our clients was having issues with the load that was placed on the server. We decided to re-write their project with jQuery and JSON, then searching for a new vendor with great controls. jQWidgets was discovered and does what we need. The response to questions and documentation are huge for us, so to see that questions are answered quickly and friendly, the decision was made.

– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

Rapid deployment, VERY stable, VERY reliable, good documentation, knowledgeable responses to questions.

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?

It is a great product.

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

Rapid deployment.

Jonathan Miller
Software Developer

I found your site by accident (typed the wrong url). And I start using it immediately for a trial.
What you promise, is what i got from you.

– It is well documented.
– It is unit tested.
– It is intuitive.
– There are excessive examples. I know how hard it is to create a lot of diverse examples. Your’s are the best.
– It is low coupled.
– It uses good techniques that were already avaible.
– The cross platform abilities are amazing.
– The grid is the best grid i’ve seen so far.

After i started using jQWidgets, the usability of my cms got boosted very much. I started thinking from a new perspective about my frontend, now, because i got all the new widgets from you. There are now 3-5 ways avaible to show the data to the user and let him edit it. Multiplied with the factor of combining these, … priceless

Philipp Scheit
Business Owner

My name is: Ismael J. Teron and I am the owner and Sr. Programmer of IT Cybernetics, LLC. I have been using Essential Objects controls for the past 5+ years, but at times I found it hard to do certain things since I was not able to easily modify the behavior of the control. There are a few reasons why I am switching to JQWidgets:

– Easy to use.
– Ability to control behavior using jQuery.
– One of my customer needed the ability to show the footer navigation buttons on the top of the grid as well and with Essential Objects grid this was not possible at all.
– Lots of real life code samples.
– Technical support via email is fast, I normally get answers back within next business day.
– Grid response is fast.
One of the benefit I mostly like is that I am able to control the grid behavior from the user browser without having to do a post back. I really like the grid from JQWidgets and I highly recommend to anyone who need custom grids controls. I wish I would have found your website sooner.

Ismael J. Terón
Owner of IT Cybernetics, LLC

– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

jQWidgets theme is great. it gave our site a better look and friendly use.

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?

I would highly recommend jQWidgets to friends and even to an enemy.

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

It has been appreciated by clients and it has improved application process time.

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?

Easy to use. Does not cost much and it has everything I need.

– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.

it saves time, saves you money and at the same time it give you a really nice, and robust application.

Hasan Hamdan
Software Developer

Khyathi Info Services is an Indian based IT solutions company, mostly into web development and portal management. We provide various software solutions to our clients. We have evaluated and reviewed JQWidgets and found it apt for our requirement.

We have shown some of the JQWedgets samples to our clients we glad to inform they are happy with work we have done using JQWidgets. We are glad to inform that we decided to purchase the widgets for our requirements.

We found JQWidgets is helping Khyathi Info Services in building a more productive development environment by reducing development time, providing a rich user interface which is bringing down our cost.

Most of our client request prototypes before we go into development and with JQWidgets we are able to build quick prototypes with a much better UI and a standard development methods.

We are also impressed with your highly presentable charts and we are glad to use it in our development environment. We wish you provide more graph types in your coming versions. We also hope you could provide widgets that can interface and integrate with google maps in future.

We would certainly recommend to anyone, JQWedgets who is looking for greater productivity and a faster software development life cycle.

Ven Dasika
Khyathi Info Srevices Privated Limited
Hyderabad, India

More Than Rewards is going to use JQWidgets to create our new customer loyalty platform: “Let’s Buy Local”. We were looking for a product which was cross browser compatible and allowed us to create a rich dynamic UI experience such as bootstrap, but had support for older bowers. JQWidets is fast and easy to implement and we recommend it.

Jason Brethorst
More Than Rewards

I needed a robust, high-performing, touch-enabled grid to use as the backbone for a complex web app designed primarily for tabs. This decision was major as I will be developing in and around this widget over the next couple of years. I thoroughly evaluated 28 solutions (DHTMLX, Kendo, DataTables, jqGrid, Sencha, webix, paramquery, just to name a few) in features, performance, code quality, community, mobile-readiness, demo-code available, and value. The jqxGrid shined above them all. Most of the competition simply had immature products and lacked something major like touch-ability or RWD. I found that everybody lacked in some area — either performance, features, a solid community, or maturity. With jqWidgets I am not compromising anywhere. The features on the jqxGrid are amazing, including printing, exporting, filtering, multi-row select, touch friendly, remoting, etc. The flexibility is awesome — I will probably not need to do treegrids or sub-grids but it’s great to know it’s all there if I need it. There’s even code to help with the PHP client-side. I have not yet thoroughly evaluated all of the other jqWidgets but those that I have are very impressive. It’s obvious that these widgets are being thoroughly tested and optimized for performance on real-world devices.

In the end I chose jqWidgets because of the following considerations:
1 – the maturity of the framework – testing showed great functionality out of the box; worked well with touch
2 – versatility – uses jQuery, plays nice with advanced frameworks (more future proof)
3 – performance – VERY fast
4 – comes with a ton of well-built widgets that play nicely together (although the jqxGrid is the highlight for my needs)
5 – quality of code – documentation shows real professionalism (high confidence level)
6 – includes plenty of support tickets & very exhaustive code demos (this has already saved me a TON of time)
7 – affordable
8 – very rich, polished, high-performing grid widget with plenty of functionality and versatility

I could not be happier with my decision.

Thank you to the jqWidgets team for all your excellent work,

David Raher
Senior Web Developer

What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

The jQWidgets jquery library was the perfect set of controls for our UI intensive web application. We considered/and tried several options such as Telerik Kendo, Infragistics Ignite and Jquery EasyUI, but they were all either NOT comprehensive enough, performed poorly OR their controls proved too difficult to implement in our application.

For our application, we utilized the jqxsplitter and jqxwindow to great lengths for layout purposes and used the following controls to drive user actions and data presentation with great success: jqxknockout, jqxdata, jqxbutton, jqxscrollbar, jqxmenu, jqxlistbox, jqxdropdown, jqxcombox, jqxcheckbox, jqxgrid, jqxgrid.export, jqxwindow, jqxpanel, jqxtree, jqxexpander, jqxradiobutton, jqxslider and jqxinput.

What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?

JQWidgets has the most extensive set of tools for deploying data driven applications to the web. The implementation of jqwidgets is impressively fast and will reduce development time several-fold. And the tools are priced reasonably and they just work!

How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

Our development time was cut in half and the jQWidgets tools made our application more manageable! We are able to get a consistent look and feel across browsers and the controls and styling options made our site look professional!

Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?

The amount of widgets provided by jQWidgets is amazing! It’s the most robust set of controls available of any jquery library. Many controls/features implemented in jQWidgets take many months/years before being implemented in other libraries (ie. Kendo – freezing of headers/columns).

Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.

With your tools, we were able to develop a web application that works and behaves like a windows application without the hassle of deployment of those types of applications. We say that because the tools, ease of use, small footprint and styling options allowed us the flexibility to design our application with that goal in mind – to make the web app appear like a windows application. This is an esoteric notion when other libraries are cumbersome to implement. Thanks jQWidgets!!!

Tuan Nguyen
Company: Dominion VA Power

Right now, I am using jQWidgets mostly for charts, along with tabs and buttons. I have started to work on some data grids. One of the services that the Women’s Center provides is giving classes to schools, youth organizations and the community at large. The software I am writing allows them to input a record of the classes, capturing many data points. I then aggregate the data into statistics, both data table and chart based. This is where jQWidgets is used today. I may go back and re-write the data entry portion using jQWidgets at some point.

The nice thing about jQWidgets is that they are easy to use with simple cases, but also allow a great deal of flexibility for advanced requirements. The widgets follow a pattern of usage, especially with JSON data, so once you understand how to use a method/capability with one widget, it is not hard to learn another.

Also, jQWidgets look great! They make a excellent impression on people, they look professional and they work intuitively.

I looked at a number of other libraries, but I was very impressed with the fast turnaround I got with support questions in the forum. And, of course I was not a paying customer, just someone using the product for free. The fee for using your libraries is very reasonable, and buying / using jQWidgets in a for-profit company would be an easy decision.

So, all in all, I feel that working with jQWidgets was a good decision, allowing me to deliver professional looking reports and charts quickly, without a lot of development time.

David Solomon
Volunteer Developer
The Women’s Center of Greater Danbury

– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
Amazing library which was clearly describes what it does. Helped me development things very fast.

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
‘Go for it and you will love it in no time’ … that’s what I recommend my friends. I have already recommended bunch of friends. So far they used to write their custom library for different things. When they saw the jqWidgets demo and source, they easily migrated themselves to jqWidgets.

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
With ready libraries, I can focus more on the business and building the website. I don’t have to worry about how sorting or pagination is going to work when using a editable grid. After initial learning, I found it very methodological and easy to integrate jqWidgets libraries. Summary, I am saving a lot of time.

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
My projects use lots of jQuery stuffs. While jqWidgets based on jQuery, it was very easy in handholding between components. Moreover it comes with templates which are customizable as per my need.

– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
With faster integration of jqWidgets libraries, my project execution time got reduced greatly. Speed matters to me and this particular library is now my best friend. One is successful when delivery is fast. So I would must say that I am successful using this library.

Dipanjan Pramanick
UI Engineering Lead

We use jQWidgets in prototype of our WMS application (Werehouse Managment System). Our project contains many of yours UI widgets but mostly jqxInput, jqxMaskedInput, jqxDropDownList, jqxCalendar, jqxButtons, jqxCheckBox. We use it in insert-update (to database) transaction. One of the reason why we decided to use jQWidgets is their documentation. Programming with such documentation is quick and easy. One of its biggest adventage is their appearance. After using the jQWidget our application is much prettier. If I were recommending jQWidgets to a friends I tell them that it is a nice-looking, fast-acting set of web UI widgets with very good documentation

Adam Potomski
Software Developer

– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?
We tried evaluation versions from some of the big players in this market. All of them claimed support for Knockoutjs. However we continually struggled to use all the functionality we required. I saw jQWidgets mentioned in a forum and gave it a shot. Did exactly what it claimed. We could get a solution working first time as expected.

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?
Well built, works as expected. Very polished. Perfect tool set for client side MVVM development.

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?
We could use all the functionality as claimed. We could get on with our project and not spend all our time trying to get the tools (widgets) to work.

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?
It was the only solution which we found works as claimed.

– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.
We were relieved that we could get on with the job and not continually remove vendors’ software to replace with other vendors software.

Dean Bonorchis
Director and developer

I choose Jqwidgets because it´s clear to understand, covers all areas of needs to development and have a good documentation. I´m searching the best test product for Data Grids then Jqwidgets, shown me the best option for this, and many other solutions covering a lot of areas.

Ricardo Cassolatto
System Architect

We were looking for a serious jQuery widgets which look like as very professional, serious and advanced tools. And jQWidgets are exactly such tools with excellent quality, look and feel. They improve our products and allow us to make very high-tech solutions based on jQWidgets for our enterprise Customers. jQWidgets are easy to use and the support team always allows to get help when we need it. We just enjoy jQWidgets.
And we highly recommend jQWidgets.

Igor Grachov

Very simple! I have to say that your customer support is fantastic. And your product is very good.

Char Mayer
Software Developer

Our development team was in need of a versatile tool to help us generate fast, responsive reports and grids for our newest application. Once our team worked with the demo tools provided, the choice was made to go with JQWidgets.

Lynda Day
TSD Product Manager

Our company in the past has predominately developed software as native desktop applications however about 12 months ago a concerted effort was made to start looking for efficient ways on being able to develop web applications. It’s an absolute minefield out there on what is available and lots of time can be consumed before realising that something may not be the best tool for the job.

I settled initially on a competitor of jqWidgets but over time I was hitting some limitations on the functionality and to make adjustments was too complex using their components. It also had conflicts with other libraries such as bootstrap that were nightmarish to debug.
During this time, I kept an eye out for other components and tried jqWidgets as the grid component was very rich in functionality. From them on I was pleasantly surprised by the functionality and range of the jqWidget components and how much simpler and efficient the coding was. The documentation is fantastic with a great list of relevant demos. I also like the forum and the responses from Peter and Dimitar. They are not afraid to tackle any question.

The jqWidgets components are a pleasure to use and I look forward to being able to use them in future projects

Peter Meier
Software Developer
Company: Meier IT Pty Ltd

We needed to replace old html tables in our payroll application with grids that work in all browsers and support all functionality that users have come to expect from web based applications. On previous projects similar upgrades took months, so instead of doing everything ourselves this time we decided to try jQWidgets.

Although we considered various jQuery frameworks, we decided on jQWidgets because the grid functionality is much more extensive than anything else out there. The support also comes highly recommended.

After using it for a while we could immediately see that with jQWidgets we can add functionality that would take weeks to develop without it. Now we can spend more time on UI design instead of getting the basics to work. We can really recommend jQWidgets because it makes it easy to create professional looking applications. The out of the box functionality is also very extensive.

jQWidgets has saved us loads of time and gave our application instant cross-browser support. Thanks for a great product!

Heilet Smith
Job title: nuQ product development manager
Company: Xpedia and NuQ

Truly amazing stuff, indeed better web, less time!

Software Developer

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend?

jQWidgets are super simple to work with and they perform well; not only is the behavior nice, they don’t bog down your app to get them. I hadn’t worked with jQWidgets and was able to get their grid operating in my test harness in very little time. The nice collection of sample apps, code, and API documentation made it super simple to find just what I needed, just when I needed it.

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

We’re still early in our relationship with jQWidgets – at this point, I can only say they provided the “magic marble” to let us complete the migration of our app from a server centric application to more fat client, responsive behavior everyone likes these days.

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project? Performance, short and easy learning curve.

Jay Nelson
VP Technology Initiatives

– What exactly did jQWidgets do to contribute to the outcome you wanted?

We used jQWidgets to avoid development of menu, filters, multi selection, etc …

– What would you say If you were recommending jQWidgets to a friend? It avoids long development costs, either by internal or external resources.

– How did you benefit from working with jQWidgets?

We were able to replace home made menu, filtering and multi selection feature in a home made application where we have several 1000 of items. It is compliant with several web browsers and specially old version of IE.

– Why did you specifically select jQWidgets for your project?

it was usable up-front and made cost saving and also benefit to the Lead Time to Deliver of our application (internally).

– Describe why you feel that working with jQWidgets is successful.

We have the same look and feel for all the windows / screens in our application. We also benefit from a rapid application and response time when loading lot of data in a given screen / lists. It also make comfortable the people costumed to use filtering in Excel or similar where they will adopt our application easier

Ahmad Badrah
Head of Network Planning and Capacity Management
SITA – France / Nice

Company Profile: United76 Networks Solution is based in Singapore and provides networked(LAN) and web based applications to customers who needs data centralization and synchronization across local offices and Internet web apps.
Project Information: Copyright Control System: (the project will monitor the movie distributers across the country and collect the data concerning who (Rental Shops and buyers) actually bought the movie using the member card. when the controller reads the member card(Smart Card), she will know that particular rental shop bought the movie according to centralized data). Project Type: Donation/Charity Project to Copy right and Movie association MM (NGO). LAN application(Browser Based and Mobile based)
Industry:Network and web application
Solutiion: We mainly used jqxGrid, because of its easiness to customize toolbar and status bar, rowdetailstemplate(subgrid in a grid), also sorting and paging feature, and data validation on forms.

United76 Networks Solution, Singapore

Project Information: KISWEL Inventory/Sales Management System.
Industry : The General Manufacturing Industry (Welding Stuff).
Solution: jQwidgets works well on various browsers and has many useful components.
Before everything , this grid is very convenient and powerful. And it support mobile environment.

Sorin Information Technology, South Korea

jqWidget gives you the possibility to quickly develop interfaces for data management systems. The widgets can also be used for further design and functionality. The usage for rapid development is one reason why I recommand jqWidgets to web application developer. Another reason is that you can get a high quality support within the forum where you can quickly get answers to problems and working solutions by jqWidgets staff. There are many widgets you can work with and because of the easy usage you are free to concentrate creativly on your design. That’s the reason I choose jqWidget with its the rich portfolio of widgets. It gives me the help for my work.

Alexandra Krause
Director of Kundenfreunde – Werbung und Marketing

I’ve been in the software development for over 30 years, this is the first time (that I remember) that product provider has contacted me personal to offer assistance! But, to respond as quickly as you did with a solution is absolutely amazing! A job well done!I didn’t spent hours googling for a solution, you provided it quickly!

R.James Preston
Software Developer

I was waiting for professional widgets based on jQuery for years! This is great! I cannot believe that these are supported widgets.

Lukasz Ochoda
Software Developer

We had designed our project some few years back and since the application was supposed to be a web application, we were looking for components that would take care of the web tier so we can concentrate on our logic in order to ease our development by building something more stable. But the application design being a little bit complex, we were looking for components that would meet our needs. First we decided to go for jQuery, Ajax and the rest, the jQuery UI alone not being able to meet with the needs of our application complexity, we started searching. During our search, we met many widgets, all of them had one of these three obstacles : a high price or not being able to meet the complexity of our application or complicated and needing time to learn and integrate.
Then one day we discovered jQWidgets and we realized the widgets were up to our tasks. We were first stroke by the Filtering Data Grid, the paging, the tabs, the tree, the charts and many other components, the design was soft, the filtering covers all the complex data searches, that was exactly what we were looking for and the price was so cheap, the components easy to integrate and customize. Then we decided to go for it. The final point was when we took a developer license, before taking the license, we were seeing some promises on their website and we thought it was a joke, but true to their words, the support is really an amazing team, always ready to assist, no question exceeds one business day, we were surprised how professional they are in the way they answer questions, they are ready to provide free upgrades whenever there is a need, their delays with us are always kept, always. And what is more surprising is that, they don’t stop thinking and innovating with new components. We have seen some components being specialized for a given technology, but with respect to all modesty, whatever be your project programming language, it doesn’t really matter, you can still use jQWidgets for the web-tier part of your application and communicate with the sever through JSON, JSONP or XML or any other technology, so your server programming language does not really matter, and this really helps you implement the separation of concerns that gives your application more stability, easy maintenance, flexibility, reusability of components and extensibility.
We want to say thank you to the jQWidgets team! You have been of great support for the success of our application, you have really helped us reduce time development as well as our application costs, we owe our success to you to some extent and we know for sure that at this speed, very soon you will become the leading JavaScript, html5 and JQuery widgets provider.

Bouanda Abraham Messina
General Manager
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