Angular v9: 9.0.0-rc.3

We have been working and testing the latest Angular releases to make sure we support the new Ivy Compiler so our customers can use Angular v9. Our team just finished testing the jQWidgets Angular Components with the latest build – … Continue reading


jQWidgets ver8.3.2

jQWidgets v8.3.2 Release, October-17-2019 What’s New: – Angular Ivy support. What’s Fixed: – Fixed an issue in jqxGrid Grouping regarding to its rendering when built with Angular Ivy. – Fixed an issue in jqxGrid Angular Component about Grouping error thrown … Continue reading
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Angular Accordion

In this blog we are going to show you our Accordion component for Angular. The Accordion component represents a list of items that can be expanded. It includes a header part and a content part where the items are situated. … Continue reading
ANGULAR, Angular 2, angular 4, angular 5, Angular 6
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