Resizeable React Toolbar

In this blog we will discuss our resizable toolbar for React.

The Toolbar component is used to show different tools and other components. It is typically used in word processing programs and editors as well as in email clients and all kinds of other applications which present the user with options to choose tools and widgets. Our toolbar by default supports buttons, combo and listboxes but you can add also other components.

Resizable React Toolbar features

The main feature of the resizable toolbar for React is that when there is not enough space for all the tools they are automatically minimized and appear in a minimized popup.

The background colors and the colors of the tools can be configured.

The Resizable React Toolbar support tool events.

Right to left layout. Changing to RTL layout can be done by switching on the rtl property.

In addition you can choose different themes such as Bootstrap, Office, Metro and others.

Resizable React Toolbar

You can see an example here.

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