ReactJS DataTable Component

The DataTable component for ReactJS represents a lightweight Table widget built to easily replace your HTML Tables.


Refer to ReactJS Getting Started before you start with this help topic.


The DataTable component for ReactJS requires the following imports.

Then we create our component class. Properties and methods are put as ReactJS props.

Finally we render our class in the desired HTML element:

Events Methods & Properties

In order to bind to any event, change any property or call any method, we need a reference to the component.
For that we use the ReactJS "ref" Callback Attribute:

Now, when we have a reference, we need to call the desired event/property/method.
This is done in the componentDidMount() ReactJS Component Lifecycle method.


The sort event is triggered when the DataTable sort order or sort column is changed.

The following example demonstrates how to add an event listener:

Methods & Properties

This is how you call methods & props:

Every component have a method setOptions which accepts a object as an argument. This object contains component settings.

Every component also have a method getOptions which returns a object containing the component settings.

DataTable Examples


The following example demonstrates how to create a DataTable component.


The following example demonstrates how to create an editable DataTable component.

DataTable API

API Reference of the jQWidgets DataTable component for React: DataTable API