React Tree with Checkboxes

In this blog we will show you the functionality of our React Tree with Check Boxes.

The React Tree component is typically used to show hierarchical information. It has a root item, which is the top item of the Tree and children of the root item. Each child has a parent and can have one or more children. The items in one and the same level are called siblings. The Tree can have checkboxes next to the items.

React Tree with Check Boxes Features

The React Tree supports 2 and 3 state checkboxes. In the three-state check box mode when the user checks an item its sub-items also become checked. If there is an unchecked child item in the Tree its parent item becomes in indeterminate state.

One useful feature is that the Tree with Checkboxes can be displayed in a popup. In this way you can create a drop down tree.

Our Tree with Checkboxes supports also keyboard navigation, drag and drop, and right-to-left layout. It can also be built or loaded from JSON data or from XML data.

React Tree with Checkboxes

You can also change the colors and use predefined color schemes.

You can see an example here.

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