React Tabs Scrolling

In this blog we are going to show you scrolling with our React Tabs.

The Tabs component is used to show different information in one and the same space. The different information is organized into tabs an can contain other components besides text as well. The user selects the different Tabs from a panel on top of the information space.

Our Tabs component for React enables scrolling. The scrolling shows to arrow buttons for moving left or right automatically when there is no space to show all the tabs in the panel. It is very convenient when the Tabs component has a lot of tabs and the space is limited.

React Tabs Scrolling features

One of the interesting features is Animation which enables a fading effect when you move between the Tabs.

React Tabs Scrolling

You can also preconfigure the text and background colors and use one of the predefined color themes.

The positions of the scroll buttons on the Tab panel can be changed to left, right and both. The last option will show one button at each of the ends of the React Tabs.

Keyboard navigation and right to left layout are also supported.

You can see an example here.

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