React Spreadsheet

In this blog we will provide an overview of the spreadsheet functionality of our React Grid.

The spreadsheet resembles an Excel spreadsheet where you have letters as names of the columns and numbers as names of the rows. Each cell can be identified by its column and row name, like for example A1. Spreadsheets are widely used for entering complex data and for performing calculations.

React Spreadsheet Overview

Similar to working with Excel you can input and modify the information in each cell. You can also delete the contents of the cell and the cell itself. Cells can be added removed and updated.

React Spreadsheet

The font and the background colors of the spreadsheet can be changed. You can also choose one of our predefined themes in order to achieve a modern look.

The spreadsheet can be used in unbound mode or can be bound to JS Array, XML, JSON and remote data.

One very convenient feature is that you can export the data directly to Excel format.

In addition to that you can enable auto row height.

Our React spreadsheet supports also keyboard navigation and right to left layout.

You can see an example here.

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