React JS Text Input

In this blog we will discuss our React Text Input Component.

The Text Input for React.js allows you to enter text into an input field. It is similar to the TextArea component and provides suggestions when you type the text into the input field. The Text Input component can be used in all cases when you want the users to enter text and especially if you want them to see suggestions while typing.

React Text Input Features

The Text Input component can be bound to JSON data. The data source of the Text Input is a JavaScript Array which you can access through the source property.

React Text Input

The component provides also Auto Complete. When you start entering text suggestions appear in a popup below. After you select a suggestion the text entered by you is automatically completed.

The Text Input supports also multiple values. This means that you can start entering a text, get a suggestion and then select it, and then continue typing text and getting more suggestions.

The React Text Input is fluid and the size can be given in percentages. It also supports keyboard navigation and right to left layout.

You can see an example here.

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