React Grid Pagination

In this blog we will introduce the pagination capabilities of our grid for React.js.

Pagination or paging in a Data Grid is the ability to show the content of the grid in pages which contain a predefined number of rows and to move to the different pages backward or forward or go to a specific page by entering the page number. The pagination is a must have feature for all advanced data grids and is very often used when you have fixed space to show the grid. Our Grid for React supports several pagination modes.

React Grid default pagination

The standard paging mode includes Go to page (where you can insert a page number), Show rows (where you can configure how many rows to be shown on the page) and right and left arrow to go to the previous or the next page.

The initial page and the page size can be configured in advance.

React Grid Pagination

React Grid simple pagination

With the simple pagination you can go on the first page, on the last page, on the next and on the preious page and also select a page by the number in a group of five visible pages. You also have information which pages from the total of pages is shown.

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