React DataTable Grouping

In this blog we will introduce the grouping feature of our React DataTable.

Our DataTabe component for React offers similar functionality to the Data Grid and by default the is displayed in pages. The most notable difference between the React DataTable and the Data Grid is the lack of virtualization.

Grouping is one of the basic features of our DataTable component. It is also one of the very frequently used operations from the users. The groping shows the information grouped by a certain column name. It can be done both on the client and on the server.

React DataTable grouping functionality

Paging. After grouping the data of the DataTabe it is usually showed in pages.

The data can also be grouped and paged on the server side.

The background colors and the colors of the text can be configured. You can configure alternating colors of the rows to improve the visibility.

React DataTable Grouping

The grouped data can be exported in CSV, TSV, JSON and XML formats, remotely or locally.

Our DataTable supports also Keyboard Navigation and right to left layout. In addition you can use our available themes to achieve a modern look and feel of your application.

You can see an example here.

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