jQWidgets ver.6.2.0

jQWidgets v6.2.0 Release, December-04-2018

What’s New:

– Angular Modules for all components – jqwidgets-ng folder.

What’s Improved:

– When the Grid calls the DataAdapter’s sort function, it now passes an additional third parameter which contains all sort columns and sort directions.

What’s Fixed:

– Fixed an issue in the rendering of jqxTree with checkboxes and jqxEditor with Material styles.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid regarding the multiple-column sorting of Date columns.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid regarding the multiple-column sorting in virtual mode. Even when there is no data, the sort arrows are rendered as in the single-sort mode.
– Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler regarding jQuery 3.3.1 and rendering of appointments on IPad in MonthView.
– Fixed an issue in jqxDateTimeInput regarding dates selection before 1970.
– Fixed an issue in jqxTreeGrid regarding the export to excel when aggregates are turned on.
– Fixed an issue in jqx.base.css file regarding *expression css names.

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