jQWidgets v19.2.0 Release

jQWidgets v19.2.0 Release, May-21-2024

What’s New:

jqxTimeline component. The jqxTimeline displays a collection of events and their data in a chronological succession for each year. The Timeline allows you to render its events in a vertical or horizontal listand you can easily customize it with CSS. Demo: Timeline component

What’s Improved:

Added ‘disablerowdetails’ for jqxGrid which allows you to disable row details for specific grid rows.

What’s Fixed:

Fixed an issue in jqxWindow. The JqxWindow resize() method cannot set the width.
Fixed an issue in jqxGantt. Gantt – some rules in jqx.gantt.css are too general and affect other widgets.
Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler. rowsHeight not applying if set during initialization.
Fixed an issue in jqxScheduler, when the scheduler is in month view and the popup with events is displayed.
Fixed an issue in jqxGrid. exportview with ‘csv’ creates unnecessary spaces.
Fixed an issue in jqxGrid when switching dynamically between single and multiple sort modes.
Fixed an issue in jqxGrid. The column’s validation was not called when deleting the value of a cell.
Fixed an issue in jqxFileUpload. Multiple upload did not work correctly.
Fixed an issue in jqxDockingLayout. The issue was in the “IDE-like Layout” demo.
Fixed an issue in jqxCore. Jqwidgets uses the “unload” event which is deprecated.
Fixed an issue in jqxDataTable. The column groups initialization did not work correctly with pinned columns.
Fixed an issue in jqxDateTimeInput. The input of a date did not work correctly in the full edit mode.
Fixed an issue in jqxSlider about a function called sizeChanged and is undefined.

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