jQWidgets v17.0.0

jQWidgets v17.0.0 Release, Aug-11-2023

What’s New:

– Vue 3 Components Integration. In the installation package, you can find them in the jqwidgets-vue3 folder.
– SVG icons set. SVG icons allow us to achieve strict Content Security Policy (CSP) compliance.
– jqxGrid Compact mode. You can enable it by setting the ‘compact’ property to true.
– jqxScheduler Current Time and Current Appointment.

What’s Improved:

– Fluent theme. You can switch to SVG icons usage, If you add the .jqx-icon-type-svg. For example, SVG icons are resolution-independent and display clearly on any device. By using SVG icons, we can reduce the security risk and improve the CSP compliance.
– jqxInput drop-down browser bounds detection.

What’s Fixed:

– Fixed an issue in jqxNavBar. When selection is false, items don’t have any styling.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid. Pasting a selected row into another will overwrite even columns with editable:false.
– Fixed an issue in jqx.base.css. CSS rule for input[type=”number”] is too general and affects non-jqx elements.
– Fixed an issue in jqxChart. The valueAxis settings causes bug.
– Fixed an issue in jqxMaskedInput. By using val method doesn’t correctly set the value.
– Fixed an issue in jqxListBox. The group doesn’t dissapear if all items of the group were removed.
– Fixed an issue in jqxGrid. The filtersearchstring is not localized with localizestring method.
– Fixed an issue in jqxKanban. removeItem does not work properly.

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