jQWidgets 2.9

We are happy to announce the availability of jQWidgets ver. 2.9. This release brings multiple new features and widgets like jqxTreeMap, jqxPasswordInput and the jqxResponse plug-in which will help you to build responsive and cross browser compatible web applications.

What’s New:

– New Widgets: jqxTreeMap, jqxPasswordInput.
– New Plugin: jqxResponse.
– jqxChart step line series: stepline and steparea.
– jqxChart range series: rangecolumn, rangearea, splinerangearea, steprangearea.
– jqxChart rich tooltips with custom HTML support.
– jqxChart color bands.
– jqxChart dash style for all lines.
– jqxChart crosshairs.

What’s Improved:

– Improved date type x-axis rendering in jqxChart.
– More options to control text rotation and text positioning along axes in jqxChart.
– Better tooltip formatting options and improved tooltip formatting documentation in jqxChart.
– Fill opacity, line width and line dash style support in all jqxChart series.
– Legend colors displayed using the fill opacity of the corresponding serie in jqxChart

The full list of changes is available here: Release History.

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  1. ekandreas says:

    Great! How about the Twitter Bootstrap integration promised to next version. Is it already implemented?

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