jQWidgets 2.2.1

The following changes were made in version 2.2.1 of jQWidgets:

What’s New

New features:

– jqxChart support for Date type axis
– jqxChart support for chart background images
– jqxChart ability to specify format settings and format functions for tooltips text.

New properties:
– jqxChart showBorderLine property
– jqxChart borderLineWidth property
– jqxChart backgroundImage property
– jqxChart toolTipShowDelay property
– jqxChart toolTipHideDelay property
– jqxChart Category axis valuesOnTicks property
– jqxChart Category axis type property (‘date’ or ‘default’)
– jqxChart Category axis baseUnit property (‘day’, ‘month’ or ‘year’)

What’s Fixed
– jqxChart SVG rendering of rotated text labels
– jqxChart single item pie series rendering in IE9 and Chrome
– Fixed an issue in jqx.base.css regarding the jqxMenu styles.

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