jQWidgets 1.9

We are happy to announce the availability of jQWidgets 1.9. Key new features: jqxSwitchButton jqxSwitchButton is jQuery widget with behavior similar to the jqxToggleButton. It has two states – checked and unchecked (on/off). The user can switch between the different states using mouse clicks or by drag and drop of the thumb. jquery-ipad-button jqxListBox Incremental Search An incremental search begins searching as soon as you type the first character of the search string. As you type in the search string, jqxListBox automatically selects the found item. When you have typed enough characters to identify the place you want, you can stop. You may terminate the search explicitly with “Return” or “Esc” keys. If you make a mistake in typing the search string, you can cancel characters with “DEL” or “Backspace”. Each “DEL” or “Backspace” cancels the last character of search string. The Incremental Search string is automatically restarted after a time-interval when you stop typing. Improved integration with MVVM and Knockout We improved the jqxDataAdapter plug-in and it can be now bound to the observable collection provided by Knockout. jqxDataAdapter automatically detects and responds to changes of the Knockout’s observable collection and updates the data bound UI widget(Grid, Chart, ListBox, ComboBox or DropDownList). You can find the full release notes here: Release History Download the new version from: http://www.jqwidgets.com/download

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